Going Tiny Instead of RV

We are going ‘Tiny’ instead of living full-time in an RV. At least for a little while, we hope. There is nothing like being able to pack up your camper, unhook all your utilities, and hitting the road to another place to visit and explore. Don’t get me wrong I really do not like driving those big Class As nor would I enjoy being responsible for towing a travel trailer or 5th wheel. There is just something about having to figure out all the opposite backing up stuff. I just liked finally getting where we were going whether it was just to visit for a few days or to workamp for a few months. This last assignment lasted about 4 years. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the park and the employees but I was ready to move onto another assignment.
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Leaving the Full-Time RVing World For Now

Life is certainly funny these days. Well, we have finally gotten out of the full-time RVing game all together today. We were trying to renovate our old class A RV while workamping and being on vacation during this virus thing. However, when we finally got the money together and our little renovation helpers we found out that the RV had to be completely gutted and start over. Sadly, the park could not really allow us to do that even with it being closed and frankly, we didn’t have enough money to cover that kind of redo. So we have decided on a new adventure all together!
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Volunteering in State Parks

It has been a couple of months since I have taken the time to write up posts for all of my websites. With one thing and another, I just haven’t had the time or I should say that I am not organized enough to get everything done. This weekend I wanted to encourage more people who are living full time in their RVs to consider volunteer workamping in our Florida State Parks this summer. Quite a few of my fellow RVers are being displaced in their current stopping areas and are scrambling to find a place to land for a little while. Well, I say check with your local state parks about becoming a workamper. Yes, all the state parks around the country are being closed due to this social-distancing thing but the parks still have a long list of projects that need to be done and the park rangers just can’t get to all of them. So, volunteer to help them out in exchange for a campsite!
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Women Camping Fun

Women love to camp too. Most of us would rather camp in a recreational vehicle of some kind with a soft bed, bathroom and a shower. So long as you can get our home on wheels into whatever spot is available even in the middle of nowhere we would probably have a great time. There is something special about a miniature home on wheels that reflects our personality and has all the comforts of home. Yes, we can sit by the fire outside our little place, roast marshmallows over an open flame and drink a nice glass of wine while gazing at the stars. Then we can go into our abode grab a shower and hit the sack in an air conditioned space. Make sure we have electricity at the campsite or a very nice and quiet generator. Wait…that is what I like to do.
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Busy Season In Florida

Beginning around the end of October Florida’s workamping assignments get pretty scarce. If you don’t already have assignments for the high season you may just end up paying for where you stay until you can find a placement. Generally, if you have workamped anywhere before you can keep checking with the volunteer coordinator to see if someone has canceled out. You will have to be willing to go as soon as a position becomes available.
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Come By and See Us

Over the next couple of weeks while the RVing season is ramping up here in Florida I decided to try and sell more copies of the reference guide I created for those who wanted to find out more about volunteer workamping in Florida. The guide is still good for everything except for the contact names. Florida State Park employees as well as some of the other employees at all of the organizations in the book have a tendency to retired, quit or change jobs quite often. So, even though the Volunteer Coordinator we have listed in the book may have moved on there is no reason why you couldn’t just ask for the current one and get their name and email address over the phone. Remember that each organization has their own procedures for getting new workampers it does not hurt to send a copy of your filled out application directly to the coordinator at the parks you want to volunteer at and say that you have submitted the documents as requested but would like to send them a copy just in case they didn’t receive one yet.
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