Birds We Have Seen

Red Cardinal at Rocky Bayou State Park
Red Cardinal at Rocky Bayou State Park
We have traveled to 17 of the 51 State Parks and Recreational Areas on our list to visit so far. Granted it has taken almost 6 months to see those that we have and it looks like we will not get to all of the others without a little help from our friends. As the saying goes. But the ones we have been to have been rather nice with a few hiccups here and there.

But for this posting we thought we would share a few of the pictures we have taken of the birds we enjoy watching while we travel. If you are on FACEBOOK and have “Liked US” then you will have seen some of these pictures in our photo albums. But since spring is rapidly approaching in our fair state we thought we would post them here for all to enjoy. There is nothing like sitting outside in your favorite lawn chair, quietly drinking your favorite beverages and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature as it goes about it’s morning business. We know you are not suppose to feed the wildlife but a few bread crumbs left outside could not hurt anything. So, on occasion that is what we do to encourage the little ones to join us. If there are any left in the late afternoon we let the dogs find them.

This will be a short post as we are moving on Valentine’s Day to a new Park. You can check our Calendar of Events Page to see what we have reserved so far and where we will be going next. We are even thinking of taking a WorkKamping position somewhere for a few months to allow us to save a little money. Don’t worry we will be writing articles about that as well. So, if you have a few extra bucks and would like to help us along on OUR GREAT ADVENTURE we hope you will contribute to our travel fund by clicking on the “DONATE” button below.

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