Calendar of Events

We are including a calendar on our website that lists where we have been and where we will be going. Our readers may be interested in knowing when we are at a particular park and even where we will be in the future. This calendar will be updated weekly. As soon as we have paid for a site we will go ahead and post it. Maybe we will see you there. You can’t miss us as we are traveling in a brown on brown 1984 “Spaceball Looking” Class A RV and a silver minivan. If you are one of our readers we hope you will drop by and see us and share your camping experiences!

We are currently camp hosting as much as possible. This will help us save a little money and hopefully, keep us traveling around the state. These assignments are generally two to four months long and will cut into our visiting plans to other state parks. So, we will use this time to write about working while we are camping. This is called workamping. It is a catch-phrase meaning we will be working in exchange for campsites with electric, water, sewer and whatever other things. Generally, these assignments do not involve money of any kind just the sites and services. A few of them even have washer and dryer access!


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