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What We All Want As Volunteers

InsidersGuideToCampgroundHostingInFloridaAs I am putting in the finishing touches on my first eBook I thought about all the volunteer assignments we have had and all the ones I am writing about. How they differ and how they are the same whether the management is the Florida State Parks, Florida State Forests, Florida County Governments or even the National Parks/Forests departments they all want volunteers. However, they are not all willing to give us live on-site volunteers the bare essentials to work there. Yes, most will give you a campsite but a lot of them do not think it is necessary to include a sewer on site. Now, I can see not putting sewers on all the campsites in the campground because the cost is tremendous and the impact to the environment may not be all that good. But, hey, come on the volunteers campsites are generally located next to the bathhouses. How hard is it to run a sewer line to one or two of the camp host sites? Below is an excerpt from my upcoming eBook that I thought you might like to read about this very thing.
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Our Final Month at Woods Ferry

WoodsFerry06022014 (43)Our final month at Woods Ferry River Camp has been an eventful one. We have had over 400 visitors this month. Most stayed over and camped for a night or two and we even had some family members drop in on us to visit and take advantage of our lovely camping area. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and regular canoeing and kayaking people abound during the summer months along the Suwannee River. We will be moving to Adams Tract River Camp tomorrow to finish out our summer months with the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail. It will be opened in time for the big 4th of July weekend!
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Campground Host with Security Experience at Juniper Springs

JuniperSpringsPoolCampground Host with Security Experience at Juniper Springs for this summer. Juniper Springs is located in the beautiful Ocala National Forest and is a Federal Campground. We haven’t had a chance to visit there yet as we stayed at the Rodman Dam campground just down the street. It is an extremely busy campground during the summer months with little to no cellphone service in the area. But from the email we received below it may be worth your while to check it out as you get the campsite and a small wage if you have security experience or are willing to take the class.

Dear Jolene,

You are being sent this email because you joined our mailing list of folks interested in hearing about camp hosting and other recreation positions.

We need host couples immediately at Juniper Springs Recreation Area near Ocala, Florida. The positions pay wages plus a host site and utilities. We particularly need someone either with security training or willing to take security training to help with weekend security patrols. Ideally, candidates would be able to start by May 29. You can find pictures and information here.
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