Volunteer in Florida State Forests

Happy Day It Is Done

Happy Day, it is done and available online at Amazon. We have been working on our eBook for full-time RVers who would like to volunteer in one of our many Florida parks including the State Parks, State Forests, Florida Wildlife and Water Management Areas as well as our Florida National Parks, Forests and Seashores. We …
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What We All Want As Volunteers

As I am putting in the finishing touches on my first eBook I thought about all the volunteer assignments we have had and all the ones I am writing about. How they differ and how they are the same whether the management is the Florida State Parks, Florida State Forests, Florida County Governments or even …
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Our Final Month at Woods Ferry

Our final month at Woods Ferry River Camp has been an eventful one. We have had over 400 visitors this month. Most stayed over and camped for a night or two and we even had some family members drop in on us to visit and take advantage of our lovely camping area. Boy Scouts, Girl …
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Blackwater River State Forest Has Campground Hosts

Blackwater River State Forest has Campground Hosts as well as Blackwater River State Park. The Florida State Forests are run by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as the Florida State Parks are run by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Although these are two vastly different departments within the Florida State Government …
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