Its Heating Up Here

watching the river go by
watching the river go by
It’s Heating Up Here folks! Not only is the weather staying warmer longer and getting a little warmer everyday we are seeing more birds, more people and doing more work. The campgrounds here at Myakka River State Park are full everyday since we got here but with the warmer weather and festivals, bike rides for charity, and local kids going on spring break means we will be working more and seeing more people our last three weeks here. It’s nice to see that the state parks are getting plenty of visitors, and not just from the “Snowbirds” but with local visitors as well. It is nearly impossible to get a camping site still in the southern regions of Florida but with Spring changing into Summer everyone should be able to visit and camp at just about all of the Florida State Parks. I say, just about all, because any state park next to the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico will be just as busy during the summer months too. We cannot stress how important it is to make reservations ahead of time for any of the Florida State Parks. The National Parks, recreational areas and forests usually don’t have an online reservation systems, there are a few exceptions, so those are generally, “Catch As You Can”, camping. We will say that if you get there on a Tuesday or Wednesday and pay for the week, generally, you will be able to find great camping spots.

We are still working on getting ready for our first vendors booth. It is exciting to be able to show off all the great handcrafted items that my mom and I have been working on for the past 6 months. And hope that we get lots of new customers. It would be great to be able to make up for our expenses in crafting materials, vendors fees, and supplies for the booth itself. We have racked up about $1000 worth of expenses just getting new items made and the sales props and marketing materials, the canopy tent, etc. just to have a booth. Luckily, most the the marketing and booth furniture/tent can be used at future folk festivals and craft shows.

Enough rambling for now. We will try to post another article before we leave here. Till next time!

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