Summer Volunteers Needed in Florida State Parks

Volunteer On An Island For The Summer

Volunteer On An Island For The Summer. What could be more fun than spending a little time on one of our various Islands around Florida? True, most that do have live on-site volunteer facilities run towards a tent or boat camping. But, why not give it a try? We contacted a few of the state …
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DeLeon Springs State Park In the Summer Time

Deleon Springs State Park in the summer time may be hot and muggy but, hey, you got a nice cool spring you can jump into after working every single day. Now, Deleon Springs should not be confused with Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park. Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park is located in the Northwest Region of …
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Spend the Summer at Savannas Preserve State Park

https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Savannas http://www.friendsofsavannas.org/ Hello, Savannas preserve is a 7,000 acre preserve with fire dependent habitat in the heart of Port St. Lucie; we manage several day use areas and an amazing education center which houses over 195 different programs a year to all age brackets. We have a lot going on all the time, the need …
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