Arrive At A New Campground Before Dark

Goldhead11212012 (128)We have only been traveling for two months and promised our family we would be around for the holidays. That means we had to traverse across the entire top part of Florida. This was quite a change from our previous travels as we tried to keep the travel time between parks not more than one or two hours at a time. Driving from Blackwater River State Park in Holt, Florida to Mike Roess Goldhead Branch State Park in Keystone Heights, Florida was extremely tiring. We don’t recommend it for beginners. Now, all you seasoned RV travelers that come to Florida every year from Canada and other parts North may sneer at our pitiful complaints, but hey, this is our first time. Anyway, we ended up leaving around 12 noon, stopping every 2 hours for a break and finally arriving at Goldhead well after dark. We hate arriving at a new place after dark.

Between my aching back, sore rump and driving down some pretty spooky back roads to get to the park we were pretty grouchy with each other. To top it off our site was not as clearly marked as it could have been. We were driving up and down the road trying to figure out exactly where we were supposed to park. It was after 9:00pm, pitch dark and finally I stopped the RV, got out a flashlight and walked down the road until I found our site marker. Katie was not being very helpful, teenager that she is, and mom cannot see too well in the dark. To add insult to injury the site has some low hanging branches so I end up scraping the top of the RV trying to park correctly to hook up the service.

All in all we would not recommend timing your arrival after dark to any place you haven’t been to before.