Beating The Summer Heat

ONF07172016 (1)Beating the summer heat seems to be the main occupation of almost everyone here in North Florida including us. We try to get most of our jobs done first thing in the morning or just after sunset or we will bake to a crisp even here is the shadiest park we have been to so far. There are numerous large pine and oak trees here but there really isn’t anything you can do about the over 100 degrees heat index on most days. And we are just getting started on the summer months. The lake temperature is rising and we have only had a few days of rain here and there so far. My granddaughter is again spending the summer with us and has finally learned to ride her bike! We are so proud of her and hope she will keep on practicing when she gets home again.

The work here is pretty routine in that we mow the grass, when the lawn mower is working, blow off the sidewalks and roadways once a week, refill the iron ranger with fee envelopes, clean the bathhouses and bathrooms a couple times a weeks, pick up trash all over the area and of course, open and close the gates each day to the day use/swimming/picnic area every single day. No, we have not gotten another volunteer couple to occupy the other campsite here so we are pretty much doing everything ourselves. We are still cleaning the Group Landing camping area and bathroom between visitors each week as well. Of course, the best job is emptying out the trash bins every Sunday evening as Monday is trash collection day.

One thing I will say is while our lawn mower is down a group of the Fire Fighters have been coming around mowing, week wacking and blowing off for me. Of course, no one tells me when they are coming and generally they don’t come until Friday. We really appreciate their help. Now I’m going to have to make them some sweets as a thank you. I think they change them out every couple of weeks though because the ones we met last month don’t seem to be the same ones this month. I know we have met some from Arkansas, some from Ocala National Forest and even one from Georgia. Which ever ones who are here when we do will reap the benefits but we thank them all just the same.

Workamping in Florida during the summer months is really no different than any others only its a little hotter and a lot more buggier. So long as you use plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, do you work during the cooler hours and lounge around your air conditioned RV during the hotter parts of the day you will be fine. Also, we cannot stress enough to keep yourself really hydrated BEFORE you begin any parts of your jobs no matter what time of the day you do them. Of course it helps if you keep a clean wet washcloth with you to put on your neck, wipe down your face and wrists throughout the day that helps a lot too. Remember getting summer time workamping positions all over the state of Florida is pretty easy unless it’s a beach park of some kind. But we have cool springs parks, lakes and rivers with state parks and national forests and lots of other fun activities to do while your not working. The park personnel really appreciate the help so take advantage of the summer months here in Florida if you are new to workamping.

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