Blackwater River State Forest Has Campground Hosts

Blackwater River
Blackwater River
Blackwater River State Forest has Campground Hosts as well as Blackwater River State Park. The Florida State Forests are run by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as the Florida State Parks are run by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Although these are two vastly different departments within the Florida State Government system their goals are somewhat similar. They both want to protect and promote Florida’s natural resources and have them available for the citizens and visitors of our state. We contacted all the various state forests for more information about their volunteer campground host positions and Blackwater River was the first one to respond. We have visited this region and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. However, this past year they have had some really rough weather with the snowing and then the flooding in the region. They also do not have a lot of cellphone, internet or TV reception in this area. For some that is a plus unless you have to post article to your blog, of course, then it can be a little bit of a drag.

Please read over the information that we received from one of the representatives of the Blackwater River State Forest and click on the link below to read about the various campgrounds within it’s borders. Being a campground host here may be like being one here at the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail River Camps, in that there is not a lot of staff and you will be on your own for a good part of the time. We hope to give it a try when we next have an opening in our schedule. But if you would like to become one this summer you will need to contact the State Forest representative directly.

Dear Ms. MacFadden,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in Florida. Here are the answers to your questions.

1. We do have Campground Hosts/Hostesses living on site.

2. Bear Lake, Krul, Coldwater, Hurricane, Karick, Camp Paquette, and Bone Creek are the sites that have Volunteers living there.

3. Electric, water, with septic are offered

4. Most difficult time to find volunteers is during the spring and summer months.

5. One area has a washing machine/dryer that was donated by a volunteer that had left. Some of the other areas have washers and dryers but they are brought in by the Campground Host/Hostess.

6. The amount of hours depends on the time of the year. It is much busier in the spring and summer than in the middle of winter. We have to make sure the work is getting done but the schedule is very flexible each day throughout the year. The work involves using a riding lawn mower, cleaning restrooms, picking up litter, answering questions from the public, etc. The restrooms need to be cleaned daily so it involves being on site 7 days a week unless the Volunteer is on vacation. We also like to have someone in the facility at night to keep an eye on the facilities.

David Creamer
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida Forest Service
Blackwater River State Forest
11650 Munson Highway
Milton, Florida 32570
(850) 957-6140
(850) 957-6143 Fax

And for more information about the various camps within the Blackwater River State Forests Click the link below:

Quote about Campground Hosts Directly From the website:
“Campground Hosts stay on-site at one of the Florida Forest Service recreation areas and assist managing the campground. Hosts answer camper’s questions, give directions, pass out literature, help with light maintenance and make themselves available for late-night emergencies. In return, campground hosts get a free campsite for the time they volunteer and the satisfaction of knowing they are helping folks fully enjoy their forest experience. For more information on how to volunteer as a campground host, please contact Blackwater Forestry Center, Withlacoochee Forestry Center, Lake Talquin State Forest, or Tate’s Hell State Forest.”