Busy Busy Here at Anastasia

ASP02102016 (2)We have been so busy over the last couple of weeks and now we are down to less than 4 weeks remaining in our assignment here at Anastasia State Park. We have been having a pretty good time here and the weather, for the most part, has been quite nice. Between working in the campground, working here and there around the park, updating all our websites, getting our craft business ready for the Florida Folk Festival in May and trying to gather more material to write more articles for all my various blogs I haven’t had time to update this website.

We have also had some changes to the volunteer’s roster over the last two months with family emergencies and illnesses calling them home. Not much they could do about it but the volunteer coordinator here seems to have a long list of volunteers waiting to get in so she had replacements fairly quickly. Now we are getting ready for the big annual charity Poker Ride this coming weekend. Katie and I have volunteered our time to help out. Should be pretty interesting to have some of the bikers from Daytona Beach riding through. There will be music, games, and lots of food. We will have to take a some pictures and post them on our Facebook page.

We will also be getting ready for our next assignment beginning in April. This will be our first National Forest volunteer post and it will be for six months this time. We just hope that we will enjoy it half as much as we do here. There is so much we have to do to move not the least of which is to wash everything up, clean out all the storage boxes underneath the RV, repack the car and get some more propane while the prices are still kind of low. Sadly, we have already gotten propane once while we have been here. Remember to always turn off the propane of your 3-way refrigerator after the lights come back on.

We decided to to run a promotion for our eBook on Smashwords. We have posted the information on our Facebook page and will be tweeting about it as well. We hope you will share our promotion with your friends and family!

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Posted by Southern Ladies Adventures on Wednesday, March 2, 2016


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