Busy Season In Florida

Beginning around the end of October Florida’s workamping assignments get pretty scarce. If you don’t already have assignments for the high season you may just end up paying for where you stay until you can find a placement. Generally, if you have workamped anywhere before you can keep checking with the volunteer coordinator to see if someone has canceled out. You will have to be willing to go as soon as a position becomes available.


Of course, you can purchase a copy of my book and begin researching places you would like to try. It helps to have your application already filled out and ready to be emailed when you can get a coordinator interested. And you might want to visit a few places to put names with faces. References are very important to volunteer work so have some good contact information for previous volunteer coordinators that you have worked for in the past. Personal references will work as will previous employers. You must pass a background check and not be on any of the criminal lists.


Volunteering could bring you and your traveling partner lots of great experiences in some of our most beautiful public land areas around the state. Florida is not all beaches and partying fun it is also springs, rivers, farms, horses, ranches, wild panthers, swamps and so much more. It is so important to maintain these areas for current and future generations. Working and helping our park rangers maintain these lands is an important and time-consuming job. So, we hope you will come on over and try the various out-of-the-way public land areas that don’t involve beaches.

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