Colt Creek State Park Now Needing Campground Hosts

I just received an email from the Volunteer Coordinator at Colt Creek State Park stating that as of 2/19/2018 they are accepting volunteer applications for 1 Campground Host and 3 Resident Hosts positions from July to December of this year. The campground just opened so everything is new and should be in excellent shape. Not much maintenance to do just keeping everything clean and the trash picked up. You still need to go online and fill out the volunteer application and specify Colt Creek State Park as one of your destinations and it should go directly to the Volunteer Coordinator. Don’t forget to make a copy of the application for yourself just before you send it so that if it gets lost in the ether all you have to do is email the copy. We suggest that you follow-up the application about 7 to 10 business days after you submit it online.

From what we have been reading on the RV/Fla Camping Facebook Group pages the campground may be a little raw yet as it was just completed and mother nature really hasn’t had time to settle in the plants and bushes back to where she wants them. I’m sure that the park personnel and volunteers are working hard to make sure no non-native Florida plants are in the area or what they call “invasive plant-life” needs to be eradicated. You might be called on to help with that as well.

Rachel Kay, Park Services Specialist
Colt Creek State Park
16000 State Rd. 471
Lakeland, FL 33809
Office: (863 )815-6761

The Lakeland, Florida area is a pretty nice area located between Tampa and Orlando with I-4 going pretty much down the center of the city. Lots of antique shops and historical places to visit during your off hours. And you have quick access to all the main attractions in both Tampa and the Orlando areas. I always check out the cities’ main website and the local chamber of commerce to see what’s available and what events are coming up during my hoped-for stay at any park we volunteer at. You never know what great opportunities may be available to you while you are volunteer workamping.

Another thing we really like to do as soon as we arrive at a new assignment is to ask the Volunteer Coordinator for a letter (on park stationary) stating that we are volunteering at the park for the next 3 or 4 months and could we get a temporary library card. Most public county libraries allow Florida State Park volunteers to have a local library card for free. Partly this is due to the fact that the parks have already done a background check on you and you have committed to a certain time frame. Most volunteers come back to the same parks year after year so it’s almost like having a second home. You will need to use the park’s address as your local address but your own email and cell phone number. There has been only one county that wouldn’t allow us a free temporary library card so far. We do ask all our fellow volunteers to not abuse this privilege. We really depend on it to be able to get free DVDs, books, and even eBooks during our stay.

***March Book Update***
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