DeLeon Springs State Park In the Summer Time

Deleon SpringsDeleon Springs State Park in the summer time may be hot and muggy but, hey, you got a nice cool spring you can jump into after working every single day. Now, Deleon Springs should not be confused with Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park. Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park is located in the Northwest Region of Florida and their volunteers are coordinated with the Falling Waters State Park Volunteers which we will address in another article later this month. Deleon Springs is a 600 acre State Park with a spring located in the Central Region of Florida closed to Deland in the town of DeLeon, Florida. They have canoeing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, picnic area with pavilions, Visitors Center, Concessions with a full service restaurant, hiking, a boat ramp, boating, and even a boat tours. Some of you students and professors at Stetson University might want to consider volunteering for the Summer!

Deleon Springs State Park has two Park Host campsites that include water/sewer and 30Amp Electric. Below is the email we received from the Volunteer Coordinator of the park with a little bit more information.

Hi Jolene,

Thank you for your interest in hosting at our park, I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

As far as laundry, we have a washer and drying at our shop, no ice and you can collect downed wood, no cutting.

Summer is the hardest time to find someone, it’s just too hot! June- September.
Time frame is at least two months no longer than 4 month unless approved by our district.
We ask that each Volunteer work 20 hours a week.

Duties would include , but not limited to restroom cleaning, mowing, weed eating, blowing, painting, litter pick-up and working on projects throughout the park, Please let me know if you are interested in hosting at our park, my work phone is 386-985-4212 and my cell phone is 407-790-5994 feel free to call any time.


Donna Collins
Park Services Specialist
Deleon Springs State Park
Deleon Springs, FL 32130

Please contact the volunteer coordinator of the park with any addition questions you might have. Otherwise, go online and fill out the application and put this parks name as your number 1 choice!