Don’t Stop Believing

I love the songs of Journey and Angie Johnson and the Air Force Band Sidewinder does a great job with their hit: “Don’t Stop Believing”. We are going to make it our theme song. We all have dreams and ours is the journey. We hope you enjoy the video below and will share it with all your friends and relatives. If you don’t know the story of the Air Force Band Sidewinder and Angie Johnson doing a song by Adele that went viral then you are missing a great story. While serving in the Air Force, Angie Johnson and her fellow members of Sidewinder entertained the troops wherever they landed. These little concerts help keep up the morale of our soldiers almost as much as mail from home. They do an excellent job and we commend them on all their hard work. It is just a shame that they have to do it. Anyway, their video went viral and they ended up on all the talk shows and Angie even got a gig on The Voice. This concert on the 4th of July was to be their last. Angie is starting to get her dreams and we wish her all the best. This website was created to help us get our dreams. We hope you will read through all the pages and contribute to our campaign and please share it with all of your friends as well.

We want to thank all of our friends and relatives who have helped spread the word and contributed what they could.

Check it out, help if you can and please pass it on to your friends and family.


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