Falling Waters State Park Volunteers Needed

FallingWatersSP10042012 (98)Falling Waters State Park Volunteers Needed this summer as well. Falling Waters is a unique state park as it is considered the highest point in the entire state of Florida. And as our old RV can attest it really didn’t like it that much but we enjoyed our visit there. Since we have already posted an article for Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park and Falling Waters helps staff that park some of this information is going to be a repeat. But Falling Waters has a fairly large campground and the information below will be geared towards that information. This park also boasts a waterfall. Granted, when we visited it wasn’t flowing very fast but the boardwalk and trails leading in and around the area makes for a very nice walk. They do have a pond or lake for fishing and swimming too.

Here is the email response from the Volunteer Coordinator:

As per your request,

How Many Campground and/or Park Hosts Positions Do you have, if any?

Falling Waters SP 24 campsite, 2 to 4 host sites depending on need

What kind of campsites do you have set up? (water/sewer/electric(20/30/50Amps)

Falling Waters SP has water and 20/30/50 amp services at all sites and a dump station, Host site also has sewer hook ups

Do you have a camping rig length limit? And if so what is it.

Host site can easily accommodate 45 ft camping rigs

What other kinds of amenities do you offer volunteers? (Free laundry, firewood, Ice, etc.)

We offer private laundry, free ice, and firewood when available

What duties do you require of your Campground Hosts?

Duties can vary from manning Ranger Station, cleaning of facilities, mowing, different maintenance jobs requiring carpentry, plumbing, painting and landscaping skills.

What time frames do you require of your live on-site volunteers?

It can vary, again on the needs of the park but usually from 2 to 4 months.

How many hours per week do you require of your live on-site volunteers?

State guideline ask for a minimum of 20 to 24 hours for the site. We general like to keep it at no more than 24 hours unless there is a special project that volunteers may participate on if they wish.

Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Scott A. Sweeney
Park Services Specialist/Volunteer Coordinator
Florida Division of Recreation & Parks
Department of Environmental Protection
Falling Waters and Ponce deLeon State Parks
1130 State Park Rd.
Chipley, Florida 32428
Phone: (850) 638-6130

As always if you have any more questions about the park or being a volunteer please contact the Volunteer Coordinator directly.