February Campaign

KatieAtTheComputerThis month we are trying to raise funds to pay for reserving the remaining parks in advance. We still have about 30 State Parks to visit. Through our travels over the last 5 months we have not been able to stay at all the State Parks we want in the order we need them to keep expenses down. Most of the State Parks in Florida are doing a pretty good business each and every weekend. Some of them are so popular with “Snowbirds” that you cannot get into them without having a reservation made at least four to 12 months in advance.

We are asking everyone if they can help us reach our goal before the end of February. We only need $2000 to reserve sites in the the State Parks we haven’t had a chance to visit. That will pay for about 21 State Parks in the Central, Southwest and Southeast regions within the next 4 months. Most of these require that you reserve two or more months in advance to be guaranteed a space. Two of those (Gamble Rogers and Bahia Honda) requires a 10 to 12 months advanced reservation.

We will probably have to be day visitors for Bahia Honda (next open reservation window is not until August) and reserve Gamble Rogers for November or December (if there are any dates still available by the end of February). There are still some State Parks in the Northwest and Northeast Region we were unable to get to while we were there in September and October. Those we will visit after our Camp Hosting gig in July and August. We hope to be wrapping up our visits and reviews by the end of October or the first two weeks in November. Then we will be taking all of our movies, pictures, interviews and reviews to create our TOP 10 Best and Worst Florida State Parks for Female RVers. We will probably have to create another funding campaign to help produce the DVD in November. We want to get them ready and available for sale by Christmas this year. For that campaign we will have some different rewards for our contributors. So check back often.

We have created a Calendar of Events page with a listing of where we have been and where we are going in the future. We will post the State Parks we have reserved and paid for once we have the money and are able to get them done. You can now help us keep going by buying our eBooks: http://southernladiesadventures.com/buy-our-books/ or bookmark, share and buy stuff from our Amazon Associates Store page: http://southernladiesadventures.com/oga-astore/