FL State Parks Reviews

There are over 170 different Florida State Parks that offer a unique and enjoyable time for the whole family. Some have primitive camping only while others are almost like a resort. There are only about 53 state parks that offer camping facilities for RVs. Of those, there are only 12 parks throughout the state that offer FULL Facilities, that is water, electric AND sewers on site. One of the 53 does not have electricity on site (Shangri-La Campground part of the Florida Greenways and Trails) and we will not be staying there. All the others have water and electric with dump stations somewhere in or near the camping area. Being as we are traveling in an RV and we do not have any intention of camping in a tent, we will be attempting to visit each of the 52 that cater to RVs.

We will be taking lots of pictures, videos and conducting interviews with our fellow campers, volunteers and, hopefully, park personnel as much as we are able. We are from the Northeast Florida area and started off visiting local state and National Parks and writing about them. Now we are finally able to travel to other parts of Florida reviewing those state parks from a woman’s perspective. We hope you enjoy our reviews and will bookmark them to your favorites, share them with friends and “Like” us on Facebook!

We have a basic format for the review pages and that may change as we go along. Once we have figured out what works best we will try to do all the parks in the same format. For instance, we would like to take pictures of the facilities as well as the park amenities, make note of any problems and praise what is being done right. In the reviews, we are including where to get food, do laundry, get gas, local restaurants, internet service availability and medical facilities. These are just some of the basics that most people need while traveling.

We want to encourage all women to take their kids, friends and other family members to our state parks, volunteer if they are able and promote the parks they visit. The more visitors these parks get, the more revenue they generate, the longer they will stay open and available to future generations. These parks are a fairly inexpensive resource for visitors to come and enjoy every single day of the year. The small fees that they charge help pay for the upkeep and park ranger salaries. Some of these parks are even being considered for closing and that would be a great shame. We don’t need more houses, shopping malls or commerce centers. We need to keep these precious resources available for ourselves to enjoy as well as for future generations.

Our main goal is to visit each of the parks for about a week, write reviews, take pictures and report back to our readers. We have thrown our life-savings into this venture and are finally on our way. We hope you enjoy the reviews we have already written as well as the little movies we have created from the pictures. As we gather more experience we will get better at the movie making. We try to keep them short, around 10 to 15 minutes and hope they are entertaining as well. Please share them with your friends and family. Our video library is being maintained on You Tube.