Rodman Dam Campground

Rodman Dam and Campground is part of the Cross Florida Greenway. It is located just south of Palatka, Florida off of Highway 19. The campground area is located next to the former Cross Florida Barge Canal with large mounds of dirt on either side that gives it some shelter from some flooding. There is a high bank as well with old trees slowly sinking into the water in several spots. Not the most ideal place to fish but we saw a few people who tried. It is a well-manicured place. You can camp next to the canal which is pretty nice most times of the day and in all seasons. They are pretty popular and reservations are encouraged before arriving. There are several former ponds or drainage ditches that help keep the main camping area from flooding. The two times we visited the camping area there was no water in any of them. There are two different camping areas. One is located near the boat ramp in the swampy area of the reservoir. There are large covered picnic pavilions, you can bank fish around the boat ramp, and a large bathhouse for the campers. Each of the RV/Trailer campsites on this side is flat and under pine trees with water and electric. Across the road are tent camping areas in among thick pine trees and a narrow road in and around with water, fire pits, picnic table and lantern pole. But may be subject to flooding during the rainy season. The second camping area is mainly for RV/Trailers and can be used for tent camping as well. The sites are fairly close together with a little privacy but not much during the weekends when most of the sites are taken. Most of the sites are located behind the large mound and have water and electric at each. The bathhouse is large, clean, with lots of hot water and has two washer/dryers that only cost $1.50 each. There is also a family bathroom/shower room between the men’s and women’s facilities.

The mound of dirt has been there so long that there are trails, a large pathway across the top and lots of trees. The kids love running up and down the mounds but be careful with all the dead oak leaves on either side if you go down on anything other than an established path you will probably slide down. The mounds have been cleared away in spots to make room for the asphalt road leading in and around the entire campground. Across the road next to the canal from the campsites the wide grassy path continues along for a little way and may have either been an older camping area or is being slated for further development. Someone has hauled one picnic table down there as a sort of rest stop halfway down. The mound of dirt on this side is not as well-traveled so be careful walking up there. There are eagles, buzzards, cardinals, little warblers and lots of squirrels running around. While we were camping near the canal we had a very feisty squirrel chew a couple of holes into our outdoor carpet before we could shoo him/her away. Be sure to check under your hoods in your car and/or RV before going anywhere to make sure you don’t have a hitchhiker or two.

This is a very nice, quiet campground. You can take your little boat out or canoe. There are lots of trees in the water all around the area. We went down to the dam area as well. They were fishing on both sides of the road off the rocks, next to the fence where the water churns as it empties from the lake into the stream and off the two docks as well. On the further side is a low lying area that can be accessed down by the ATV/trail bike area down a clay road. This area will flood. The only facilities available is a port-a-potty. Going back over the dam towards the camping area or the more popular side of the creek has a large bathroom facility, a small boat ramp into the creek, and of course a larger dock. While fishing in this area you must have your fishing license up-to-date and on your person.

We like the place but we could not get any TV reception and only one bar occasionally on our Virgin Mobile internet box. And the dump station is located at the entrance next to the ranger/check-in station. There is a Florida Highway Patrolman that lives on the grounds. At night the gate is closed using a chain with a code. Now, if they would put in a wireless connection that the campers can use and sewer connections at the sites this place would be perfect. Since we haven’t been there during the summer we can only assume that the mosquitoes are horrendous. They have those purple hanging things in the trees taking samples of bugs all year round.

Rodman Campground
410 Rodman Dam Road
Palatka, FL 32177
(386) 326-2846


Rodman Campground is a 69 site camping area with a boat launch to access the reservoir. 34 Campsites are available with power (some with 20, 30 and 50amps) and water hook-ups, laundry facilities at the bathhouse, dump station at the entrance. There are two campground areas for RV/Trailers/Tents with a bathhouse for each area, a picnic table, fire pit most are gravel drives and a few with cement pads for ADA accessibility. There are 12 RV sites that look over the Cross Florida Barge Canal. There are 26 primitive sites are available for “roughing” it but only for tents with a fire pit, picnic table, and lantern pole. The primitive sites have a tendency to flood and are damp most of the year with lots of shade.

Has 2 Washers/Dryers at Bathhouse $1.50 each and 1 Family/ADA/Shower per bathhouse

34 RV or Tent and 26 Tent Only

22 Pull-Through 30Amp 1
30 Pull-Through 30Amp 1
34 Back-In 50Amp 1
36 Pull-Through 30Amp 1
36 Back-In 50Amp 5
40 Pull-Through 30amp 2
40 Pull-Through 50Amp 1
40 Back-In 30amp 4
40 Back-In 50Amp 18



Kangaroo Express
1205 Florida 19
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 328-1056


Winn Dixie
901 Florida 19
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 325-5743

Salt Springs Grocery
13535 Florida 19
Salt Springs, Fl
(352) 685-2279


Mid Florida Propane
3600 Tropic Street
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 325-6370


Putnam Community Medical Center
611 Zeagler Dr
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 328-5711


Walmart Supercenter
1024 Florida 19
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 328-6733


2627 Reid St
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 328-2092

151 Town and Country Dr
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 328-0008

Taco Bell
3306 Crill Ave
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 325-2563

Burger King
3305 Crill Ave
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 325-5804

Quiznos Sandwich Restaurant
111 Florida 19 #1
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 329-9003

423 Florida 19
Palatka, Fl 32177
(386) 328-3495

Our Pictorial Review of our Stay At the Campground

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