Free North Florida Springs – Part 3

Free North Florida Springs – In part three of our series we want to introduce you to a little known spring located with the Troy Springs Conservation area and Ruth Walker Tract. In fact, it is located off the same hard road as Troy Springs State Park. The area is run and maintained by the Suwannee River Water Management District so there are not a lot of amenities. There is, of course, no charge to visit the springs but be aware that this one is located down a not well maintained dirt road after traveling down a crushed rock road. There is no sign leading down to the spring itself you just got to find it. It took us two tries to finally locate the place but it was well worth it. The springs area is fortified with large wooden beams. There use to be a wooden walkway leading down but when we visited there (May 2013) it was almost gone. There is a parking area around the spring but no port-a-potty or picnic tables. It is used and kept clean mostly by local residents. The best direction we have found on another website:

Down the road from the springs you will run into more dirt roads that finally lead you to the river where there is a canoe launch. People dry camp there but the roads, again, are not well maintained so you might need a truck or jeep to travel around and see all there is to see. So, if you want to visit an out-of-the-way place and the Suwannee River is running low come on out early in the day and explore this lovely tract.

Ruth Springs in the Ruth Walker Tract Area
Branford, Florida

Pictures from our visit:

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Till next time…Keep Safe Out There!