Getting Ready For Bad Weather

Getting ready for bad weather is a very popular topic here in Florida this week. With all the problems the poor people in Texas had over the last 2 weeks, we are now in the crosshairs of large storm ourselves. We went the grocery store yesterday just to pick up a few things and maybe go ahead and get some gas for the minivan. There was no gas at our favorite gas station and the others around town have jumped $0.35 a gallon in 4 days. Of course, there was no bottled water left either. We checked at Walmart and Winn-Dixie. Since our illustrious governor declared an early state of emergency the entire state has decided to get their hurricane supplies early. And to top it all off this time of the month our budget does not have room for any unexpected expenses.

We still don’t have a motor for the RV no matter what happens over the next week or so it won’t be moving. We do have a half a tank of gas in the RV so we can use the generator should that become necessary and the RV stays in its place. For the rest of this week we will just have to test out the generator, move whatever little yard items we have into the storage shed, wash up all of our clothes and towels and have a bag packed in the car in case we have to vacate the park quickly. We only have a half a tank of gas at this point but I will figure out something. The way things are looking it would probably be best that we stay right where we are. It’s a good thing we are at a county park now instead of the state or federal ones. They make you leave to pack up everything and leave the park during a named storm of any kind.

We do have very sturdy block bathrooms with thick walls we can sit in during the worst of the weather if we have to so that is a help. They even have two office buildings but they are up on blocks and are office trailers. They are tied down real good though. There are mostly trailers in and around our area. Most of those people have the option of heading to a shelter in one of the local schools. Parking at these places is generally at a premium so I’m not sure if we could bring our RV to park if we had a motor. For my fellow Full-timers out there you might want to check with the county Emergency Management Department where you are camping/volunteering if you need a place to move over to until the storm passes. The park rangers may even know of a place where you can park your rig for a couple of days.

Till next week. Y’all be safe out there!