Getting Ready for Local Author Expo

ONF05052016 (18)We have been at our current assignment for 3 months now and have been really busy during our stay here. With no other volunteer we have been working 7 days a week since we got here. We have been updating our online stores with new items and I am working on a new book. In the mean time we have decided to offer our eBook version of our current book for 1/2 price for retail customers and $0.99 for Libraries. Below is a cute little widget from Smashwords to help promote our new pricing. We will be changing the Amazon Kindle price as well but not the paperback version. We only get a couple of dollars on these anyway.

To help promote our book we will be participating with the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park’s upcoming Antiques, Arts and Collectibles Event on July 16th. They have invited North Florida writers to participate in a Local Author Expo in the air conditioned Nelly Bly Kitchen. (Yea!). I will be giving a talk about the book but not selling any of the paperbacks. We still have some for sale in the park’s Gift Shop and they will be selling them there. Of course, for anyone who is attending I will be giving our business cards with links to buy the eBook online. That way I will not have to pay a vendor fee. Now all I have to do is come up with a presentation.

The main focus of the event will be the antiques and collectibles on display but there will be craft vendors there as well. We cannot do both until we finally raise enough money to get our Mobile Retail Shop. Then we will be able to participate in more events in the future and possibly schedule some vending experiences with the Florida RV Show circuit. That would be a great way to market both our books and our crafts as well as meet potential and current RVers.

Well, we cannot promise to post more often but we will try. Hopefully, when we get the new volunteers at the beginning of next month we will have some days off and be able to keep up with our various websites, online craft stores and even get going on our newest books.

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