Going Tiny Instead of RV

We are going ‘Tiny’ instead of living full-time in an RV. At least for a little while, we hope. There is nothing like being able to pack up your camper, unhook all your utilities, and hitting the road to another place to visit and explore. Don’t get me wrong I really do not like driving those big Class As nor would I enjoy being responsible for towing a travel trailer or 5th wheel. There is just something about having to figure out all the opposite backing up stuff. I just liked finally getting where we were going whether it was just to visit for a few days or to workamp for a few months. This last assignment lasted about 4 years. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the park and the employees but I was ready to move onto another assignment.

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Whether it was bad luck or just our time the RV is no more. We are paying for a Wooden barn-like shed thing from Weather King Sheds. Which, by the way, we purchased from our landlords at the Chiefland Farmers Flea Market where we have our craft shop. We got a good deal on a new older model and it was delivered within a week instead of the original three weeks they projected. In only 36 months it will be all ours. In the meantime, we are collecting materials to use to convert this over to a lovely tiny house for me and mom to live in either on my brother’s property or our own after it is complete.


We had to clear the land around where we wanted the shell to be placed and my brother had to take down a tree or two to make room where we wanted to put it next to his light pole. That way we only have to run a short line out to the RV box I purchased last year to hook up the electricity to the tiny home. That way if we do move the house to our own land he will have an RV post for family and friends to use. I got to use his electric blower for the tons of leaves that have been accumulating over the years. Once I get all the area fairly clear I will water it really well and lay down grass seed that likes shade. Below are a couple of pictures we have taken so far. I will be posting updates on our progress as we go along.

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While I am dreaming of finishing off our Tiny house and purchasing a Class C for continuing our traveling adventure we will be writing about our progress but we also will be archiving some of our past adventures on this site. Then moving the Florida State Park Informational pages over to our Workamping in Florida website. It is a ‘members-only’ website that we are adding lots of information about workamping sources here in Florida including what was put in my book with new updates and new sites that are needing workampers now. Even with all that is going on, our public land areas still need people willing to volunteer their time and skills to complete projects, keep parks in shape, and now that people are able to go visit, they will need assistance with the visitors. We know there are snowbirds who are staying through to the next season out there. Now is your chance to get into those much-coveted state parks.