Half Way at Alligator Lake Park

We are half way through our stay at Alligator Lake Park here in Lake City, Florida. We had agreed to stay for 12 months here as we wanted to get off the road for a little while and fix up our RV and hopefully build up my writing and craft items. So far, we haven’t been able to save any money towards the new RV motor but we have been building up our craft items we have for sale. Of course, we are still working on getting ready for being a vendor at the Florida Folk Festival at the end of May.

Now that spring has sprung we are getting more and more visitors as well as more animal and bird sightings all around the park area. The work is fairly easy that is until the weekend when we get the most visitors mostly birthday parties while during the week we get a lot of walkers and bikers. There has been a case or two of vandalism in the bathhouse sometime during overnight hours a time or two. I am thinking of digging out my brother’s wildlife camera and set it up in the tree across from the bathrooms. But, as with any government agency, there are rules that have to be followed. If it happens again then we will see how that one goes.

There is a pair of nesting eagles here in the park but I haven’t been able to spot them yet. The park maintenance people have an old pair of binoculars that I borrow from time to time and ride the trail hoping to get a glimpse of them before they head up north again. This place is really popular for the local Audubon group. Speaking of which, they just had their annual Spring festivals this past weekend. We didn’t have to do anything because the park drafted one of their employees to take care of their needs while they were there. We just had to pick up some trash around the park and empty out the trash barrels. There were quite a few people who came along with a representative from the Florida State Parks, Florida Wildlife Commission and the Florida Water Management people. There were only a couple craft vendors and 5 or 6 empty vendor spaces. So, hopefully, next year they will do a better job of advertising and get more vendors. There was a snack vendor and even a shave ice vendor. The highlight of the event seems to be the bald eagle exhibition and a talk given by one of the local wild life rescue people. Below we have included some of the pictures we took during the festival.

Till next time!

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