Happy Day It Is Done

InsidersGuideBookCoverHappy Day, it is done and available online at Amazon. We have been working on our eBook for full-time RVers who would like to volunteer in one of our many Florida parks including the State Parks, State Forests, Florida Wildlife and Water Management Areas as well as our Florida National Parks, Forests and Seashores. We hope you will try our eBook and give it a review on our Amazon page. We even went ahead and created an author page. We hope to use the proceeds from the sales of this eBook to allow us to keep going to various Florida public parks and volunteer.

If our eBook really starts to sell we will be able to donate a portion of the proceeds to various Florida public lands to keep them going, update equipment, maintain facilities and possibly fund more places to be set up for volunteers all year round. So far, we have only been able to volunteer at Florida State Parks but are working on assignments at some of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Management areas, county camping parks and even a couple of the Florida State Forests. They offer a different volunteer experience than the Florida State Parks we have visited and volunteer for so far. These experiences will be great to experience as well as to report to our readers.

We have a goal of selling at least a 1000 copies before we will be able to start donating half of our proceeds from that point on to the Help Our State Parks fund. Eventually, we would like to be able to have enough money to have the book published in paperback form. These we can use for promoting at county events, donate to libraries and as well as a give-away to family, friends and a few of our readers.

Now that we have finally gotten our eBook finished we hope to be able to get back to a more regular writing schedule here at Our Great Adventure website as well as our other blogs. We will, finally, get the movies and reviews done for the 10 Florida State Parks we visited in April. From now on when we receive any more updates on possible workamping assignments from the places we have contacted over the last 5 months we will post them here for each of our readers to share. Thanks for your continued support and please share this post and blog with all your friends, family and fellow RVers.

For those with an Amazon Kindle Device

We also have gotten our eBook published on Smashwords.com. If you don’t have a Kindle then this is the page to visit. Click on the link below: