Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend everybody. If you haven’t gotten your reservations before now for the upcoming weekend in Florida then you may not find one with the Florida State Parks. Every single holiday weekend they fill up pretty fast even during our hot summer months. As of right now, there are only about 9 of the 53 Florida State Parks with any kind of availability for RV sites. You may get a tent site or even a smaller travel trailer site but they are closing fast. Of course, if you want to get into one of the National Forests camping areas they are mostly first-come, first-serve so if you have a friend or family member who would be willing to go there and plant your RV into a site and pay through the weekend you might want to do that.

Now, Labor Day used to mean the end of summer for all us kids and going back to school. Now, however, the kids have already been in school a couple of weeks already and we don’t cool off until sometime in November or December. This holiday weekend doesn’t really mean the end of summer for us but it still feels like everyone will be more settled into work, school is going full-swing and football season will begin again. We can still go camping, swimming, and fishing but normal people have used up all their vacation times and the parks during the week are usually pretty empty. Great opportunities for us Full-Timers to visit.

It is also a time of year when most of the western and northern recreation areas, parks, and forests are beginning to close down for the season and the workcampers will be making their way south to Arizona and Florida but probably not Texas. Those poor southern Texas people really don’t need any more visitors to worry about right now. So if you are one of the many RVers beginning to make the move south we hope you will be safe in your travels. Drop a line and share your adventures with us. If you happen to be traveling through and going by Lake City come on by Alligator Lake Recreation Park and have lunch, enjoy our park or even take a hike along one of our beautiful trails. If we see your RV/Travel Trailer in the parking lot we just may ride on over on our gator and say, Hi!.

Till next time. Be safe out there!

*****Website Update**** We noticed that some of the park review pages had the wrong movies on them. That has been fixed

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