Happy Memorial Day 2014

WoodsFerryRiverCamp05062014 (3)Happy Memorial Day 2014. We hope all of you are having a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. For most of the country this weekend is not only about remembering those who have served our country in the military and lost their lives it is about spending time with family and friends as well. We honor their sacrifice and hope that their families are having a relaxing time this weekend. It is the unofficial start of our summer season with community pools opening up, more people are going to the beaches, kids are getting excited that school is almost out and a lot of people are looking forward to their vacations. We have seen quite a few people canoeing, kayaking and boating down the Suwannee River. We even had a small group spend their entire weekend here at our River Camp.

We didn’t get all the campers we were scheduled to get but we did get quite a few visitors. Folks, if you have taken the time to make a reservation (Thank you for doing so) at any of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail River Camps and are unable to keep them we would hope you would take a few minutes and call the main office to cancel your reservations (800) 868-9914. Just because these river camps are FREE to camp for those canoeing and kayaking down the river doesn’t mean you forget your manners and let people know you will not be using their facilities. Campground Hosts at the River Camps are given a reservation list for the week and they will hold those reservations until dark on the day scheduled. If they get any drop-in campers needed a place to stay it would be nice to know that they had available places to put them.

Anyway, we have watched the Suwannee River go down about 8 to 12 inches almost every single day we have been here. The river was over the second of 4 square flat form areas along the boardwalk and is now past the last one before you get down to the bottom. Soon, we will be able to see the Springs and go swimming and with the temperatures in the 90s it will be really nice to take a quick dip in the 68 to 72 degree water.

Since, it is a holiday we are not posting an article about one of the many fine Florida State Parks needing volunteers today. In fact, as you can tell from the time posted on this article we slept late and hope to enjoy our day as well. Below we have added some pictures of the Suwannee River taken over the last 4 weeks. Please, be safe and have a great day!

Found this picture on the web so we could see what the Woods Ferry River Camp Boardwalk would look like when and if the river goes all the way down while we are here.

Woods Ferry Boardwalk with the river all the way down!
Woods Ferry Boardwalk with the river all the way down!