Have Fun Even When You Work

StephenFosterSP01312015 (1)Have fun even when you are working! We are in the middle of a 7 day stretch working in the campground here at Stephen Foster Cultural Center State Park. We wanted to switch over to having weekends off with our co-campground hosts this month to see if we could earn a little extra money working at the Farmers Market in Live Oak on Saturdays and possibly being vendors at some of the upcoming festivals. Thus, we had to work our January schedule and our new February one as well. We just hope they took advantage of their extra days off and had some fun. We are “volunteering” here at the park and work almost the entire day when we are scheduled and have been working on our side business on our days off. For instance, I just spent the last three weeks switching over most of my websites to a new hosting account with newer and hopefully faster servers. I had to do all the work myself because I could afford the $1200 the hosting company wanted in order for them to move everything. Between that and keeping the bathhouses cleaned and stocked and making the campsites ready for arriving campers everyday I am ready to have a little fun.

February 7th is going to be an extremely busy weekend with lots to see and do with Cycling events, Monthly Swap Meet in White Springs, Live Oak Farmers Market Begins again on Saturdays, Primitive Arts Day here at 10:00am, then the Coffee House Event at 7:00pm and much more all over the Northeast Florida area. We have signed up to be vendors at the Primitive Arts Day so will be working on that day as well. On our off time we watch re-runs of TV shows on DVDs, sit next to the RV and watch the other campers and enjoy the warm days. On the cold and rainy days we have been cooking, eating and reading books. When the weather is a little warmer we will explore the area more, visit some of the other parks in the area and troll the thrift shops for bargains. We also like to listen to some music while we are creating new craft projects to sell.

Since we have been here we have had the family out once, used the barbecue grill and the fire pit to celebrate my youngest daughter, Katie’s, birthday. The weather cooperated with lots of sunshine, a cool breeze and not too many campers in the park. We have yet picked up on the bicycling craze that so many people here are doing. Nor have we taken up canoeing/kayaking either. We may do that in the future but haven’t found the time or the inclination to do those things yet.

If you have the time we hope to see you here at the festival next weekend!

Our new Full-Time RVing Anthem – “My House” by Kacey Musgraves


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