Hoping Fall Comes Soon

We are hoping that fall comes real soon here at Alligator Lake Recreation Park in Lake City, Florida. We have had some nice rain, stormy rain and some downright mean rain over the last couple of months in the North Florida area. In May and the beginning of June, most of the storms would wander all around us and not so much inside the park area where we are currently working/living in our old Class A RV. We still open and close the entrance gates Tuesday through Sunday. Mondays we get to sleep late. Which is really quite nice. A couple of times over the past few months it was raining pretty good when it came time to open and one of the park’s maintenance guys would drive over in his truck and unlock the gate for us. Let me tell you that was really nice as there was a time or two over the last couple of weeks, before my daughter came back, that I was riding around in the rain trying to make sure everyone had left and I could lock us in. That’s okay if I had wanted a shower right about then but that’s life in the workamping world. You just never know what kind of day you will have.

Yes, we are still here at the park and come the 1st of October we will have been here a year. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we just can’t get another assignment for a while yet. Thankfully, the park department’s manager and secretary don’t mind us being here and we have been doing a good job. They finally, got someone to work over at Falling Creek Falls this month and the regular winter couple should be back by September or October. So that is a big help to the park personnel. If you get a chance and want to know more about the area try the county’s information website and app at SPRINGRUS.COM

Not much going on right now just trying to stay cool, work around the park and create new items for our new online store I am currently working on: http://swcstore.southernwomencrafts.com We have a post next week with more details on that and other things we have been working on over the summer. In the mean time, we hope you will enjoy the picture galleries below of our lovely park in May, June, and July.

May in the Park

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June in the Park

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July in the Park

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