Leaving the Full-Time RVing World For Now

Life is certainly funny these days. Well, we have finally gotten out of the full-time RVing game all together today. We were trying to renovate our old class A RV while workamping and being on vacation during this virus thing. However, when we finally got the money together and our little renovation helpers we found out that the RV had to be completely gutted and start over. Sadly, the park could not really allow us to do that even with it being closed and frankly, we didn’t have enough money to cover that kind of redo. So we have decided on a new adventure all together!

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We are going into the Tiny house adventure for the coming year. We will continue to write about our visits to the Florida public land areas when we are able to go to them but, for now, we are learning about the Tiny house movement and my brother is going to help us create our very own right in his backyard. It is very exciting and very sad too. When I saw our old RV getting towed to the salvage yard this afternoon I just about cried. That old thing had been our home for almost 8 years now. We lost our home and favorite workamping assignment all in the same week.
We hope you will stay tuned to more blog posts as we adventure into a new alternative lifestyle. Who knows I might even get a new book out this one too.


If you haven’t figured it out yet that means our great workamping position with the Columbia County Florida Parks and Recreation Department is open and available beginning May 4, 2020. They are not sure of the exact date the park will open but we should have the last of our stuff out of storage by this weekend. Alligator Lake Park in Lake City Florida is a great spot to spend some time and the county offers it’s volunteers a primo camping spot with water, sewer, and electric onsite both 30 and 50 amp service on the box as well as basic cable and Comcast internet. As I mentioned earlier they include extra storage in a metal 10×10 shed right next to the campsite that has a small fence, fire pit, and picnic table. They wouldn’t allow us to install a washer or dryer on the site though.


You will be asked to go to the Columbia County Florida Sheriff’s Office for a Fingerprint card and background check. Janice Smithey, the CCPR Secretary, will be happy to email you an application and talk to you about the position. Please know that Alligator Lake Recreation Park is a large park open 6 days a week and very popular every single weekend. There are picnicking pavilions, barbecue grills, a large playground, volleyball court, a new 9 hole frisbee golf course as well as over 600 acres of trails, fishing, and boating. The position requires that you open and close the park each day, clean the bathrooms every night, empty the 55-gallon trash barrels when appropriate, and ride the trails picking up trash and emptying the bins. They also rent a screened-in pavilion for large family groups so that has to be cleaned and prepared before the renters come and after they leave. There are no dogs allowed anywhere in the park areas or trails. Workampers are allowed to have pets within their RVs and just around the maintenance area as well as their campsite.

Please contact Janice – Monday through Friday – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. She does leave the park for lunch every day so leave a message and she will contact you as soon as possible.
Janice Smithey
341 SE Charmont Lane
Lake City, FL 32025
Email: janice_smithey@columbiacountyfla.com
Phone: 386-719-7545
Fax: 386-719-7544