Next Stop Alligator Lake

alr08252016-9Our next stop in our workamping journey will be a little different that what we are use to doing. Alligator Lake Recreation Area is located in Columbia County Florida (Lake City area) and they offer a semi-permanent positions for workampings in both their Falling Creek Falls Park and this one. They have a stable parking pad here with water, electric and sewer on site. There is even a little shed next to it we can use as extra storage which we have gotten use to here at Olustee Beach Day Use Area. The only thing is they do not have a washer/dryer available for us to use nor an extra shower in the shop area which we like very much here. But, the coordinator stated that she would have no objection for us adding one if we like. They do offer FREE internet and Basic Cable and mom is looking forward to that. Finally, they stated that we can stay as long as we would like but would really like us to stay through next summer. It seems that their regular winter workampers are moving over to the Falling Creek Falls Park and we contacted them at the right time.

Strangely, we are really looking forward to being in one place for a year. Even the 6 months we were able to stay in the Osceola National Forest was a nice change from the Florida State Parks 2 to 4 month assignments only. I do imagine though once the year is up we will be ready to resume our regular volunteering in the state parks and moving every couple of months. In the mean time, we will be using this time to get our RV fixed up, being able to write more (I do have outlines and am research a couple more books I want to write), and get some serious crafting done.

We are hoping to convert an old vintage travel trailer into a “Shop on Wheels” over the next couple of months and plan out a year’s journey of craft shows and being a traveling retail shop instead of working just for campsites. To that end we will be launching our first T-Shirt Funding Campaign at the end of this month. We hope you will look over the page and mark your calendars as the launch date is September 30, 2016! We need to sell only 500 T-Shirts in order to reach our goal. We have even found the perfect fixer upper 1964 Shasta travel trailer that in located just over the Georgia line. Hopefully, the owner will not sell it before we can get the financing. Anyway please visit our Southern Women Crafts website for more details. We have information, pictures of the T-Shirt, style, sizes and pictures of the Vintage Travel Trailer we are hoping to get.

Till next time….hoping to have our Osceola National Forest Workamping WrapUp written by next week.

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