Paynes Creek in Bowling Green Florida

PaynesCreekHistoricStateParkPaynes Creek Historic State Park is located outside the small town of Bowling Green, Florida. It borders on one side by the Peace River and the Paynes Creek runs through the middle. You can hike, fish, bike, picnic and visit the visitors center during the day time. At night small groups can primitive camp within the park while the Residential Hosts Volunteers will get the run of the park after everyone leaves. They are in need of summer time volunteers as are most of our Florida State Parks. We chose them to do an article because the volunteer coordinator is good about getting back to us and it sounds like a great place for us to volunteer in the future. If you are a history teacher with no plans for the summer and have a travel trailer or RV we hope you will fill out an application and get in touch with the volunteer coordinator at this park.

Hello Jolene,

Yes Ma’am, Paynes Creek Historic State Park does indeed have volunteer camp sites.

We have 7 sites with 50 amp hookup sites with sewer and water.

Paynes Creek Historic State Park does require a total of 20 volunteer hours per camp site per week.

Typical duties here at our park include but not limited to cleaning restrooms, garbage collecting, trail maintenance, painting, plumbing, mowing, assisting with special events, visitor services, ranger station, assisting Ranger in other projects, and so forth. I apologize I didn’t list each and every one of them.

Volunteers can stay any length inside the guidelines set forth by the State of Florida Parks and Recreation, but, I, being Volunteer Coordinator here would like to see them here at least 2 months max 5 in order to assign projects to the volunteers that they are skilled in and have time for completion. If I have a volunteer interested in a shorter stay I would gladly accept that as well. We appreciate the hard work by volunteers so we aren’t too picky. At this time we do not prefer volunteers to stay longer than 5 months, and at this time we have not discussed extending the time further.

I hope this has helped some, and if I can be of any more assistance feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and dedication to the Florida State Parks.

Christy Lanier
OPS Administrative Assistant Ranger
888 Lake Branch Road
Bowling Green, Florida 33834
(863) 375-4717

Please share this post with your family and friends and anyone else you thing would like to have a FREE Campsite for the entire summer for just 20 hours of week per week!