Report From Adams Tract River Camp

We have Solar Lights Now!
We have Solar Lights Now!
Our time here at Adams Tract River Camp is coming to a close. We have about 2 weeks left before we move onto St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park. We can only hope that they people who work there will be as nice as the ones we have working here at the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail Office as well as the great guys at Troy Springs State Park who have been keeping us in supplies and helping us out with repairs and trash pick-ups. Thanks so much for all your help and we look forward to our return assignment here next summer.

This past weekend we had a great group of Boy Scouts, Boy and Cub Scouts, from Troop 693 of Live Oak, Florida. They were doing their end of the year ceremonies and completing a Conservation Project for their badges. The entire troop was here to put up solar lights along the boardwalk and in front of our sign on the River. It gets mighty dark out here at night and we only have one security light that comes on at one of the pavilions to light the way for anyone who arrives after dark. Those little lanterns have been charged up all during the day and are working great. And if we lose electricity here, like we usually do during thunderstorms, the camp will have a little bit of light to help us see our way around. we also want to commend their troop leaders and parents as well as the scouts themselves for cleaning up the camp before they left. We didn’t have to do much this time and we really appreciate. We hope to see this troop again next year. Good luck during the coming year and keep up the good work guys!

On another note, we received an inquiry from a Girl Scout Troop recently, and that is great to hear. GIRLS CAN GO CAMPING TOO! That is what this website is all about and we hope their troop leaders and parents will make arrangements for their girls to come soon. There will be another campground host couple here after June 30th but all scouting groups are welcome. You just need to call the main number in White Springs, Florida to make a reservation. Phone Numbers: (386) 397-1919 or (800) 868-9914. The scouts are usually given permission to drive into the camp because of all the gear that they bring. Please, make sure you tell the person who takes your reservation that you need someone to open the gate for you. That way when the office calls the River Camp with the reservation information they can let them know about what time they need to go and open the gate. We have primitive tent camping here for large groups as well as the five screened in sleeping platforms that can hold 6 to 8 people fairly comfortably. Weekends are very popular so the sooner you request your reservation the better chance you have at getting the sleeping platforms.

Even though your Girl Scouts are not able to travel along the river in canoes or kayaks or even visit one of the many Springs in our area. The Suwannee River Wilderness Trail River Camps are a great place for newer campers to begin their camping journey. Remember that all of our River Camps are FREE to Camp, right now that is; offer firewood for a small donation, or you can bring your own; some sell ice too; have hot/cold showers with air conditioning (pretty important during the summer); have hiking trails around the camps; lots of wildlife to see if your quiet; and there are campfire rings, picnic tables, covered picnic pavilions with barbecue grills and so much more. All you have to do is gather your camping supplies, sleeping bags, tents – if you are tenting, food, drinks, games and some activities and you will have a GREAT first time camping experience. Please remember that most of these River Camps are in remote areas and most cellphones may not work here. The River Campground Hosts have cellphones for Emergencies Only. So, please check with your cellphone carrier before coming to make sure you are able to make a receive phone calls, just in case. Yes, camping is supposed to be about being outdoors and being out of touch but when it comes to kids and camping, well you know, something almost always comes up.

The one thing that we have found that drives us batty is that people will make reservations but if their plans change they forget to call the office and let them know. Please, Please, Please, if you have made a reservation for the sleeping platforms at ANY of the river camps and you cannot come, call the office as soon as possible! Yes, the River Camps are FREE to camp in but we have people coming up and down the river all the time and if it gets late and they need a place to stay it would be nice to know ahead of time if we can let them use the platforms. We have to hold them until dark for those with reservations and we cannot tell you how many times in just the few months we have been here that no one showed up. Communication and Courtesy is all that is required.

Until next time. We hope to make one more post from here before we have to move on.