RV Versus Trailer Campers

We have done lots of research and are trying to decide if we should concentrate on RV Campers or pull-along Trailers. Now an RV is an all-in-one kind of environment and would need a trailer hitch in back to bring along a small car. The travel trailer requires a large truck with a special hitch to keep the trailer from swaying too much. RVs are pretty expensive for the new ones and the older models are usually pretty used up and if it breaks down we would have to stay in a hotel. With a travel trailer mom and I would have to learn how to back up the rig like one of those semi-truck drivers. I don’t know if we have the strength to do that. Even though we could get a brand new travel trailer for a lot less than an RV we would still have to pay for a large engine pick-up truck and even a used one is pretty expensive. Yes, we could just park the trailer and detach the truck to use for our journeys to flea markets and fruit stands. And if the truck breaks down we will still have a place to live while we wait for repairs.


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