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GoodIntentionsRVing Authors is the second part of our blog series this week. We will be giving you a listing of all the writers we have found that are either part-time or full-time RVing and writing and publishing their stories for us to enjoy. Again, we hope you will support these writers by buying their books, sharing them with your friends, family and other travelers. We have them all listed in our OGA Store page under RVing Fiction so if you would go to that page and purchase your items we would greatly appreciate it.

Robert Angel writes the Dr. Ray Raether South Carolina Travel Mystery
Death, Lonely and Peculiar (Book 1) – 2013
Iroquois County folks said Hathaway’s Campground had seen better days. Folks old enough to remember. Now, all but a few of its forty campsites were closed for repair. The putt-putt golf course and fish pond lay virtually abandoned. The only recent improvements at this rustic institution were a sophisticated website and two huge signs out on I-95. The ‘resort’ they described had little in common with Hathaway’s Campground beyond its Highway 158 address. Two Iroquois County deputies answered the Sunday morning 911 call. It took only a quick look to persuade them this was just another of Hathaway’s “Off I-95” suicides. They even found two large prescription pill bottles, one full, one empty, beside the body. Retired USC professor, Dr. Ray Raether, though, didn’t agree. Ray and his constant canine companion, Samantha, had been in their Aliner just across the road the previous day when their new camping neighbor arrived. They’d gone over to help set up her tent. Ray had encountered his share of suicidal students at USC. Even more drug abusers. The vivacious young woman he met across the road at Hathaway’s was neither suicidal nor a drug abuser. Ray would stake his Aliner on it. But if not suicide or a drug overdose, what explained her death?
Death, Long Long Ago (Book 2) – 2014
Retired Professor Ray Raether and his constant canine companion Samantha arrive at Iroquois State Park early Sunday afternoon for a few days of peaceful RV camping. Instead they learn a body was discovered just that morning in a remote corner of the Park. Murdered and hurriedly buried atop the grave of Revolutionary War hero, Colonel Jedidiah Hathaway. Colonel Hathaway has been the most celebrated member of Iroquois County’s leading Hathaway family since his death in 1780. So, desecration of the Colonel’s grave shocks the Hathaway family and all of Iroquois County. Sheriff’s Department Chief of Detectives Salvatore Patrick Ryan again asks Ray and Samantha for help solving the most bizarre case of his law enforcement career.

Robert lives quietly with his wife, writing and RV camping when he can at South Carolina’s beautiful state parks.

Ellen Behrens – Full-Time RVers and Author
Pea Body – 2014
Betty and Walt Rollin are bird watching at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, avoiding Talkative Ted and Clingy Caroline, their overbearing neighbors at the RV “resort” where they’ve been staying. When Betty spots a very non-avian body at the edge of a far pond, she and Walt are drawn into the investigation. What they discover threatens to uncover long-held secrets that could ruin local reputations, and plunges these retired, full-time RVers up to their necks in the deep sand of local politics and passions.
new in 2016 – Yuma Baby
Ellen and her husband have been on the road as full-time RVers since the spring of 2009, and they’ve been blogging about our experiences since then. They’ve covered a lot of ground, returned to some favorite places and found new favorites in that time, but one thing has remained constant: the challenges and joys of living this unique lifestyle.

Arlon Boozer writes the Averal Saunders Series
RV Park Avenger (Book 1) – 2014 – Novella
Averal finds his dog poisoned and finds the culprit and begins plotting revenge. Then he has to face the consequences, including police involvement. This is the first in a series of three short stories about Averal Saunders, an RV traveler and family man that has unique solutions to problems that sometimes get him into trouble.
Road to Montana (Book 2) – 2014 – Novella
Averal has a conflict between what he wants to do and what he needs to do for his family. He is dodging the police while trying to handle family difficulties from afar. His estranged wife drags up old memories. Road to Montana is the 2nd short story in a series of three about the adventures and misadventures of Averal Saunders. Averal is a retired 70 year old that travels the USA in a 16′ travel trailer.
Redemption (Book 3) – 2014 – Novella
This is the third short story in the Averal Saunders series. It is about an elderly RV traveler dealing with pets, criminal investigation, revenge, family issues and public service.
Turmoil to Redemption – 2014
This novel is the Story of Averal Saunders who is an RV traveler with problems about pets, family, personal relationships, police and crime. Averal’s unique solutions to problems often lead to more problems. Follow Averal as he struggles with personal, moral and humanitarian issues. This novel combines the three short stories RV Park Avenger, Road to Montana and Redemption.
ABC Poems for Kids – 2014
This is a book of poems for children. Some are amusing and some are intended to educate and inspire. Suggest age group 6-12 years.

Arlon Boozer was born and raised in Texas. Texas has been his home all of his life, except for a year in Korea, compliments of the U.S. Army. After three years of the army, he started college at San Jacinto College, then transferred to the University of Houston. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston with a major in mathematics. Just after the army, Arlon met Kathi. That was in August 1964. They were married in October 1964 and are still married. They have two sons, both living in Texas. Arlon retired from Shell Chemical Company in 2003. He and Kathi sold their home and bought a motorhome and have been on the road ever since.

Jamie Hall Bruzenak – Full-Time RVer and Writer
Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider’s Guide to Working on the Road -2002
Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider’s Guide to Working on the Road is a complete reference for making money on the road. Based on the author’s ten years working and traveling in her motorhome, as well as the experiences of many other working RVers, this how-to manual is broken down into easy to use sections:
* Know Yourself: how much money do you need, evaluate your skills.
* Nitty Gritty of Getting Work: Getting mail and messages, where to look for work, resumes for the road,interviewing, negotiating, as well as unique legal issues that face RVers.
* More than 300 moneymaking opportunities: nine chapters detail more than 300 jobs, job categories and moneymaking opportunities for the RVer.
* Lifestyle considerations: health insurance and other issues RVers face on the road.
* Appendices and resources: 72 pages of references, including URLs.
Whether you are already traveling and working on the road or gathering information, you will want this how-to manual.
RV Traveling Tales: Women’s Journeys on the Open Road – 2003
Fifty-two women answer the question: What is it like to be a female nomad on the open road?
The Woman’s Guide to Solo RVing – 2014
This eBook provides answers to ALL the questions asked by solo women, who are either planning to go on the road or else have already taken the plunge. From the basics of “Can I go it alone?” and “How do I deal with loneliness?” to the specifics of “How to drive alone” and “What I need to know about maintaining complicated RV systems?” authors Jaimie Hall and Alice Zyetz provide the information in easy-to-understand language. As they did in their popular book, RV Traveling Tales: Women’s Journeys on the Open Road, and in Bruzenak’s classic book on working on the road, Support Your RV Lifestyle, Bruzenak and Zyetz have incorporated the experiences of seasoned RVers, in this case solo women, into the book. Ten women are quoted in their own words, giving real-life advice on a range of topics critical to solo women travelers. If you are a woman thinking about full-time RVing, this is a must-have.
Retire to an RV: The Roadtrip to Affordable Retirement – 2014
Can you afford to retire to an RV? Is the RV lifestyle for you? And ? What is the RV lifestyle? Retire to an RV: The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement provides you with the information to make that decision. RV lifestyle experts, Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz, share their combined knowledge based on 17 years on the road and five previous books. They are joined by 41 solo and couple RVers who have contributed their real-life experiences.

Jaimie continues to travel now with her husband, George Bruzenak. In 2006 they traveled for nearly six months in Jaimie’s Lance camper. In 2008 they traveled for almost seven months in their New Horizon 5th wheel trailer. She is a regular contributor to Workamper News and is the Workamper Viewpoint editor. She has also written numerous articles for RoadTripAmerica.com, RV Life and Escapees magazine.

Minnie Crockwell A.K.A. Bess McBride writes the Have Trouble Will Travel Series
Trouble at Happy Trails (Book 1) – 2014
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, checks into her allotted space at Happy Trails RV Park in Spokane, Washington, with hopes of a pleasant week of touring the area. By night’s end, a death in the park finds her consoling the deceased man’s widow…or his killer. Whether the dearly departed died by his own hand or whether someone murdered him remains to be seen. It seems the deceased had a lot of character flaws. A lot! Peregrine Ebenezer Alvord, otherwise known as Ben, is tagging along with Minnie on her travels. That he is an early nineteenth-century ghost is only a minor complication. Ben has the ability to venture unseen where others cannot. Minnie never imagined herself as an amateur sleuth, but with Ben’s help, she might just be able to discover the source of the Trouble at Happy Trails!
Trouble at Sunny Lake (Book 2) -2014
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, is stressed out from the recent events at Happy Trails RV Park, and she looks forward to some relaxation at an RV park nestled on the shores of beautiful and serene Sunny Lake in Spokane County,Washington. Peregrine Ebenezer (Ben) Alvord, her nineteenth-century ghost traveling companion, assures her that the murder at Happy Trails RV Park is a thing of the past, and that their sojourn at Sunny Lake promises to be a pleasant and peaceful interlude. The presence of a mysterious young man lurking in one of the park’s rustic log cabins peaks Minnie’s insatiable curiosity, but she vows to leave the unsociable man alone. She’s had enough of murder and mayhem. Until she discovers a body at the foot of a lakeside cliff! Ben does his best to protect Minnie, even from herself, but all he can do is help her as she embroils herself yet again in another murder mystery.
Trouble at Glacier (Book 3) – 2014
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, lucks into a first come, first-served camping spot at Apgar campground in majestic Glacier National Park, Montana. After the stress over the past few months of finding herself involved in not one but two murders, she looks forward to the serenity of the mountains. She has sworn off sleuthing forever. Until her next-door neighbor is attacked and killed by a bear, that is. Minnie has the bad luck to be the first to discover the body. Not as bad of luck as the victim had, but bad luck nevertheless. So much for the serenity she thought she’d find at Glacier. Peregrine Ebenezer (Ben) Alvord, her 19th century ghost traveling companion, is not so easily convinced this was a mere bear attack, and he unwittingly reactivates Minnie’s sleuthing instincts with his musings of murder and mayhem. Minnie can’t help herself. She’s off and running—on the hunt for another kind of killer.
Trouble at Hungry Horse (Book 4) – 2014
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, no sooner leaves Glacier National Park than she encounters some trouble with her RV and tow car, necessitating an unexpected layover at a campground in the nearby small town of Hungry Horse, Montana. Within an hour of checking in, however, a gunshot rings out, and Minnie finds herself on her hands and knees hiding under a park bench. But the shot wasn’t meant for her. In fact, no one can even find the shooter or a gun. Peregrine Ebenezer (Ben) Alvord, Minnie’s nineteenth-century ghost traveling companion, knows that someone at the campground has been murdered, but not by a gunshot. It seems everyone hated the victim. Everyone! The question is who hated the victim enough to kill her? Minnie just wants to get her RV fixed and get on the road, but she soon finds herself immersed in the repercussions of a decades-old tragedy.
Trouble at Snake and Clearwater (Book 5) – 2014
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, receives a call from her niece, Tiffany, who has recently moved from Arizona to Washington to be with her boyfriend. Lonely in a new area, Tiffany asks Aunt Minnie to stop by for a visit. Minnie, on the road in her RV just north in Spokane and hoping to head south to warmer climates for the winter, adjusts her travel plans and heads south to the small city of Clarkston, Washington, at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. Finding a wonderful RV site with a panoramic view of the Snake River, Minnie settles in for a short, relaxing visit with her niece. Binoculars in hand, she admires the scenery—from the golden hills across the river to the fishermen trolling in boats. The beauty of the scene is marred though, when one fisherman disappears from his boat right before her eyes. Peregrine Ebenezer (Ben) Alvord, Minnie’s nineteenth-century ghost traveling companion, can do nothing to save the man from drowning. In fact, he can’t even find him. But search and rescue teams do finally locate poor Jim Olson, only to discover that he didn’t die by drowning. Everyone liked Jim Olson, everyone except the person who killed him. Minnie vows to stay out of this murder investigation, but she feels responsible since she was the last person to see him alive. Besides the killer, that is.
Trouble in Florence (Book 6) – 2015
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, is heading south to warmer climates by way of Highway 101, also known as the Oregon Coast Highway and Pacific Highway. She stops for a few days in the quaint little seaside town of Florence, Oregon, for a stay at the Tuscan Sands RV Park. Although the park hardly lives up to its evocative name, the sand dunes of the Florence beaches most certainly do. When in Florence. Minnie wastes no time heading to the beach for a walk with her nineteenth-century ghost companion, Peregrine Ebenezer (Ben) Alvord. Even if it is the middle of December. Less people on the beach though, right? What could be more relaxing than walking on a nearly deserted Pacific Northwest beach? But the dangerous and erratic driver of a blue Jeep, the fierce coastal storm that sweeps through overnight, a barking dog that paws at the sand, and the discovery of a body partially submerged beneath a log on the beach all conspire to take the relax out of relaxing. Against her will and Ben’s words of caution, Minnie cannot help but try to solve the mystery of the Trouble in Florence.
Trouble in Tombstone Town (Book 7) – 2015
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, has finally made it to southeastern Arizona, land of sunshine and warmth, and steeped in the history of the Apaches and the Cavalry, legendary lawmen, outlaws and gunfights. Peregrine Ebenezer (Ben) Alvord, Minnie’s nineteenth century ghost companion, is enthralled with tales of the Old West, and Minnie promises him a trip to Tombstone, home of the Gunfight at the OK Corral and Boothill Graveyard! Shortly after setting out her pink flamingos at Tombstone Tommy’s RV Park, Minnie meets a fellow female RVer who invites herself along on the outing. But a reenactment gunfight gone terribly wrong and the disappearance of her new friend, Kathy, threaten to ruin Minnie’s plans for fun under the sun.
Trouble in Cochise Stronghold (Book 8) – 2015
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, having recently solved a murder in Tombstone, doesn’t run screaming from southeastern Arizona. She opts to stay at Tombstone Tommy’s RV Park for a little bit longer, determined to do some sightseeing. The mystical Dragoon Mountains, historic hideout of the legendary Apache chief, Cochise, draw her in, and she sets out to explore Cochise Stronghold with her nineteenth century ghost companion, Peregrine Ebenezer (Ben) Alvord. But she makes it only about a mile into the canyon before she discovers a body floating in a deep well along the trail. Minnie is getting used to death and mayhem, and this time, she doesn’t run from trouble but forges ahead to discover who shot the victim with an arrow and dumped him in the well. Ben assures her he has seen no ghostly Apache warriors bent on protecting the stronghold from intruders, and Minnie knows she is looking for a real-live cold-blooded murderer.
Trouble in Orange Beach (Book 9) – 2015
Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, is finally heading for the beach! She travels from the mountains of southeastern Arizona across country to the warms sands and turquoise waters of coastal Alabama. Orange Beach is a lovely little town on the Gulf Coast, and Minnie and Ben have just arrived in time for Mardi Gras, a fun-filled time of parades and festivities. Looking forward to some rest, relaxation and amusement at Sandy Shores RV Park, Minnie hopes that no one dies by violence during her stay in the idyll and tranquil beach town. Unfortunately, for both Minnie and the victim, she finds a body on the beach—the husband of the RV park manager. No accidental drowning, the poor man has been murdered…stabbed and left to die. Was it a random killing by a stranger on a dark beach? Or did someone he knew target him? And if so, why? In between bugging everyone at the park in an attempt to solve the murder, Minnie catches beads and moonpies at the local Mardi Gras parades…and hopes she can find a solution to the Trouble in Orange Beach!
Trouble at Pelican Penthouse (Book 10) – To be released in 2016
Bess writes short cozy mysteries under the pen name Minnie Crockwell. She lives and travels in an RV though she owns a home in Washington State.

Elliott Deline – Writer and Full-Time RVer
Refuse – 2011
Refuse is an urgent novel that speaks to the alienation of transgender youth and will ring true to many outsiders, over-thinkers, and underachievers. It tackles the pressing concerns of depression, suicide, unemployment, and discrimination, oscillating between irreverent wit and sincere confessions.
I Know Very Well How I Got My Name – 2013 (Novella)
I Know Very Well How I Got My Name chronicles Dean’s clumsy progression through the American public school system. It is the 90’s and early 2000’s, in suburban Syracuse, New York—a world in which LGBTQ bullying is not yet a hot topic in schools, and there is little tolerance for outsiders of any kind. A prequel to his critically-acclaimed novel Refuse, Elliott DeLine’s second book is about the prevailing myths surrounding bullying and abuse, and the hardships of being young and transgender without a community or a roadmap.
Show Trans – 2014
Show Trans: Stone Butch Blues meets The Naked Civil Servant meets the modern internet age. “A cutting and private look at the life of a transgender man who dares to be sexual.” (Evelyn Deshane). Show Trans is a memoir about sex addiction, sex work, navigating the gay male hookup scene, a trip West, dissociative identity disorder, and the struggle to find love, connection, and self-actualization as a non-binary trans person. Elliott DeLine has written his most autobiographical, funny, and harrowing work to date.

Elliott DeLine is a transgender writer who escaped Syracuse, NY to live in a traveling motorhome with his queer chosen family and their two cats. He is the author of the novel Refuse, the novella I Know Very Well How I Got My Name, and his latest, Show Trans. In 2015, he was voted “Author of the Year” by readers of FTM Magazine. His essays and excerpts have been featured publications such as in The New York Times, The Collection from Topside Press, Original Plumbing Magazine, QED, The Advocate, and The Body is Not an Apology. Elliott is the founder and former vice president of the non-profit CNY for Solidarity as well as the lead coordinator of Queer Mart, an LGBTQ artist and crafts fair in Syracuse, NY. He is also a visual artist, songwriter, friend to all animals, and an avid swimmer in all bodies of water. He is 27 years old

Chris Haden – Full-Time RVer and Writer
Chasing Charlene: a novel of loss and deliverance
Chuck Calder has spent the last 41 years of his life as half of the team of Chuck and Charlene. Now Charlene was gone and he couldn’t determine who the remaining half really was. He had thought they had a strong relationship but sometimes late as night he now wondered if perhaps they hadn’t just been to lazy or indifferent to let it go. He embarks on a quest through their past to try and find the truth. Along the way he uncovers surprising truths and meets and loses his first new love in decades. In the end, he comes to an accomodation with his past.

J.A. Harper writes the Bird Treks Mystery Series
Soul of the Forest (Book 1) – 2013
For years, a trio of mysterious murders that took place in a cabin near picturesque Eureka, California, remain unsolved. It isn’t until Maggie and Ben Graham arrive that the crimes, which occurred over a period of twenty-five years, resurface. The Grahams, a fifty-something couple, sold their Colorado mountain home, purchased an iconic Blue Bird Motor Coach, and are beginning to travel as full-timers. The first phase of their journey leads them to the old-growth redwoods of northern California. Little do they know that the people in the Forest RV Park will steal their hearts and immerse them into fragile lives both past and present. The magnificent grotto amphitheater at the perimeter of the park has more than its share of dark secrets, as does the ancient cabin located just downstream, currently inhabited by a secretive hermit (and a few ghosts). Maggie, a journalist/teacher and ‘wanna-be’ author, is transfixed by the series of past murders, once some old albums are uncovered. Ben, former software business owner and avid fisherman, becomes mentor to a talented autistic teenager with a penchant for photography. The ensemble of residents at the Forest RV Park includes the park manager’s eleven-year-old girl whose affinity with the forest brings forth a secret friend — her Forest Father. Is the friendship an innocent fantasy or laced with evil? The girl’s relationship with the autistic teenager enriches both, as she helps voice the thoughts he is unable to express, and he brings her more in touch with the forest she loves. A sleazy-looking man in an aged trailer brings his personal demons into the park, as his tortured past is brought to the forefront in a dramatic confrontation with the present. The grotto comes to life with a series of music services conducted by a charismatic preacher residing in a chrome-plated Airstream. The effect is dramatic when a beautiful young singer offers Amazing Grace, a music choice which conjures up memories both painful and poignant for many in attendance. Those memories prove to be the impetus which unravels thirty years of lies, grief and hatred, and the Soul of the Forest puts past demons to rest once and for all.
Spirit of the Joshua (Book 2) – 2014
After leaving the Redwood Forest area (“Soul of the Forest”), full-time RV’ers Maggie and Ben Graham drive their iconic Blue Bird motor coach, Bird Treks, to a luxury RV resort near Palm Springs. Set for some innocent sight-seeing, they find themselves immersed in intrigue that focuses on the Joshua Tree National Forest and its “other-worldly” environs. What is the spiritual significance of the strange plant with its unusual blossoms that open fully only at night? Mysteries lurk in the lore and legends of the park, and readers are teased by the shadowy figure hovering in the crevices of the mammoth rocks. Human or alien, ghost or good Samaritan? And then there’s the San Andreas Fault, traveling through the Land of the Joshua. As the Grahams explore picturesque mountain towns, and experience life in the desert, Maggie learns about two teenage girls who disappeared without a trace — one six years before, from a Palm Springs restaurant, and the other, two years later, from the Hemet Stampede — the very event Maggie and Ben are planning to enjoy with friends from their time in the Redwoods, Ellie and Roy Buckholder. Typical of Maggie’s inquisitive nature, she’s curious about the plight of the missing teens, and her interest is piqued by a series of unusual discoveries. During their adventures (and accompanying mishaps), Maggie and Ben encounter Mitch Andrews, a quiet man with a dark secret, and his daughter Bebe, a beautiful little girl who can’t (or won’t) talk. When the Hemet Stampede begins, it is revealed that Mitch and Roy know each other from previous rodeos/horse shows, and are both competing in the multi-day event. As a result, the Grahams and Buckholders befriend Mitch, with Maggie and Ellie entertaining Bebe during her father’s events. Ben, with his love of photography, prowls behind the scenes, and captures images that ultimately reveal the truth about Bebe’s mother. As Mitch’s story unfolds, his tortured past merges with the dark secrets he keeps hidden in a cabin nestled in the boulder-strewn Joshua Tree wilderness.
Mists of Deception: Yaquina Head (Book 3) – 2015
“Mists of Deception: Yaquina Head” takes readers to the Central Oregon Coast, where the morning fog and crashing surf define the coastal cliffs. Maggie and Ben Graham, full-time RVers, bring their Blue Bird motor coach, dubbed Bird Treks, to a beautiful RV resort in the picturesque community of Newport. While all seems benign on the surface, an undercurrent of unrest proves as deadly as the undercurrent of the riptide along the coastline. Who is the mysterious “King” left to die in the mighty Pacific? What about the orange-clad body Maggie finds on the beach? Did the man take an unfortunate tumble off the cliff, or was something more sinister part of the scenario? What is the dark secret of the woman sitting on the jetty, and why is one particular fishing boat so important to her? The mosaic of residents at the Yaquina Head RV Resort are divided in their perception of their resort’s future. The possibility of a corporate buy-out pits friend against friend, husband against wife, while bringing about unlikely alliances. Those with the most to gain might also be the ones with the most to lose. Looming beyond the resort is the iconic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, set far out on the headland that was once the dread of all vessels traversing the waterways up and down the coast. The hidden — and forbidden — trail to the Head reveals more than its share of secrets, including a tryst that, once discovered, threatens to destroy multiple lives.

J. A. (Jenise) Harper – As a writer who uses recurring characters as part of my “Bird Treks Mystery Series,” I work hard to keep them vital and alive for readers. Just as my husband Jim and I are full-time RVers traveling in a Blue Bird motor coach, so are my lead characters, Maggie and Ben Graham. How much is fact and how much is fiction is something the reader can only surmise, but I must admit that ours is a lively lifestyle, and we’re relishing every moment of it!

Judy Howard – Writer and Part-Time RVer
Coast To Coast With A Cat and A Ghost – 2011
An inspirational and uplifting account of how to survive after the death of a loved one.
Going Home With A Cat and A Ghost – 2012
Is a romantic mystery appealing to everyone in the second half of their life who have asked themselves, “What if?” Even in this work of fiction, Judy Howard delivers to the reader a message about how to rise above life’s tragedies.
Masada’s Marine – 2014
The uplifting message of overcoming life’s dramatic hurdles is delivered. Howard draws the reader into the life of a Marine Corps veteran who struggles with PTSD when he comes home from Iraq and, also, into the life a dog named Masada, who becomes a service dog for the wounded warrior.

After the death of Judy Howard’s husband in 2004, Judy became inspired to pursue writing and traveling. She began a dog grooming career at the age of eleven and still works part time as a groomer. When Judy and her cat, Sportster, are not traveling in their Winnebago motorhome they reside in Sun City, California.

L.D. Knorr writes the RV Mystery Series
The Leviticus Mission: The RV Mystery Series 2011
Recently retired homicide detective Hank Moran and his wife Helen have just purchased a new motorhome and are ready to take a two-month tour to see the country. The discovery of a series of murders on their short trial run to Biloxi, Mississippi puts their tour on hold while Hank investigates. The prime suspect is a firebrand tent revival preacher who literally takes God’s word for the Old Testament punishment of evildoers. Their adventure takes them, of all places, into a gay men’s RV resort for the explosive finale.
The Rest Area Murder: The RV Mystery Series 2012
‘The Rest Area Murder’ is the second book in the ‘RV Mystery Series’ featuring Hank and Helen Moran. Hank, a recently retired robbery/homicide detective, and his wife Helen have just purchased a new motorhome and are once again ready to take a two-month-long tour to see the country. The investigation of the Leviticus murders during their trial run to Biloxi, Mississippi had put their tour temporarily on hold.
Dead Catch: The RV Mystery Series 2013
In this 3rd installment of the RV Mysteries, retired robbery/homicide detective Hank Moran and his wife Helen are off on another adventure in their motorhome. Their plan was to take their grandson Chip on a pleasant weekend fishing trip to a Louisiana state park, but Chip hooks into something a bit more interesting than a five pound bass.

L.D. Knorr travels in his RV trailer with his wife Emily to visit family in Pennsylvania and Mississippi, and travels to wherever adventure beckons. They have been married forty eight years and were blessed with three fantastic and creative children.

Marg McAlister writes the The Georgie B. Goode Gypsy Caravan Mystery – Novella Stories
Good to Go (Book 1) – 2015
Georgie B. Goode hadn’t realized that she was ready to rebel—not until she uttered a very decisive “NO” and had the rest of her family staring at her in shock. Her father, founder of the enormous Johnny B. Goode RV Empire, couldn’t believe it. What was going on with his daughter? Every year until now she had done what he asked: picked out a late-model motorhome for herself ready to showcase it at his giant RV Expo. A late-model motorhome just doesn’t do it for Georgie. Her first love is the tiny vintage trailer division of her father’s empire…but he and her brother Jerry think she’s crazy wanting to build it up. They deliberately don’t make it easy for Georgie. She takes to the road to prove she can live and travel in a vintage gypsy trailer, and meet her father’s outrageous sales targets as well. What she doesn’t count on is her great-grandmother Rosa’s determination that she should carry on the family gypsy tradition of fortune-telling on the road. What with brother Jerry’s conniving tricks, her father’s unreasonable demands, and dozens of people flocking to her vintage trailer to have their fortunes told… Georgie really does wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. And somehow, she has to figure out what the crystal ball is trying to tell her before Kaylene hooks up with a guy who is oh so wrong for her!
Georgie Be Good (Book 2) – 2015
After amazing herself by solving her very first case, Georgie has packed up her vintage gypsy caravan (with cunningly hidden modern conveniences) and taken herself off to the Retro Rally in L.A. Why is she going there? Well, to catch up with the fun retro crowd, for one thing – how could anyone resist gorgeous retro trailers and vintage vans, and all those people whooping it up in 50s clothes? Sailor dresses, high-waist shorts and cats-eye glasses – what a scene. But something else has drawn Georgie to the West Coast, and she has no idea who or what until she gets there. Then someone comes to her gypsy caravan seeking help… and Georgie follows the trail with the help of her crystal ball and her fledgling CBI team. CBI Team… Um, don’t you mean CSI? Nope, it’s CBI: Crystal Ball Investigations! It’s an unlikely crew. As well as Georgie, the great-granddaughter of a gypsy vagabond, the team consists of Scott a forest ranger from Australia; Layla, who dresses in 50s clothes and sells retro trailers, and Tammy, the glamorous secret ally who is in love with Georgie’s low-down snake of a brother, Jerry.
Good Riddance (Book 3) – 2015
Georgie knows that it takes all kinds to make a world. After all, she’s had to put up with her rat-fink brother Jerry B. Goode all her life, hasn’t she? And not too many people have a Great-Granny like Rosa! But when she starts to do a few readings at the RV park in Santa Monica, one of her first customers is a hulking great teenage boy, who seems more inclined to want to see her arrested than to seek her help. Georgie can sense there’s more behind his football-jock muscles and acne scars than meets the eye, so she keeps digging—but as the plot thickens, she finds herself calling on her fledgling Crystal Ball Investigations team for help. What they lack in experience, they make up for in ingenuity! As though the football jock and his gullible mother aren’t enough to cope with, her brother Jerry also seems hell-bent not only on relegating her beloved vintage van division to a tiny corner in the massive Johnny B. Goode RV Empire yard, but also on alienating her lovely and talented friend Tammy. It’s going to take a lot of hard work before Georgie can say a heartfelt ‘good riddance!’ to all of these problems in her life.
Up to No Good (Book 4) – 2015
If ever there was a stark contrast to the fun of the retro scene with its rockabilly fun and gorgeous little homes on wheels, it would have to be preppers, stockpiling food and waiting for the Apocalypse. It’s not a scene that Georgie has ever had much to do with, until her brother Jerry starts specializing in building Bug-Out vehicles and selling Get Out Of Dodge packs. Unfortunately, Jerry draws the attention of some of the more extreme members of the survivalist movement—and it’s not only his expertise in building the ultimate bug-out vehicle that they want! They are seeking information that he’s not ready to give, and very quickly he realizes that his usual charm isn’t going to work with this crew. Georgie, struggling right now to read anyone’s fortune, still manages to catch a glimpse of a dangerous time ahead for Jerry and Tammy, but by the time she gets word to them it’s all too late. Jerry has disappeared, communication has broken down, and his fate is in the hands of a couple of gypsy fortune-tellers: his great-grandma Rosa and his sister Georgie. The Crystal Ball Investigation Team sets off in hot pursuit, armed with a crystal ball that appears to go to sleep when it feels like it and only a vague sense of where to find Georgie’s missing brother might be. Now if Jerry can just stay alive until they get there.
In Good Hands (Book 5) – 2015
It’s a very a reluctant Georgie that finds herself back in Elkhart to take part in a cable TV special starring the Goode family and their huge family business. There’s not much room for a film crew in a vintage trailer, especially when you add a bossy presenter like Jaxx Saxby. Actually, ‘bossy’ is probably being kind. A few other words fit Jaxx too, like ‘patronising’, ‘rude’ and ‘arrogant’; as she keeps insisting that they’re in good hands and they should just keep their opinions to themselves and listen to her. Unfortunately, during a crystal ball reading recorded on camera, Georgie realizes that Jaxx is in grave danger —but where that threat is coming from is not easy to work out, since most people around Jaxx Saxby have good reason to dislike her! Bad luck seems to follow her around. Georgie and her team get to work following the clues to unmask the stalker, racing against time as the film shoot draws to a close. The problems escalate, and it’s soon clear that Jaxx is not the only target. As tempers wear thin and Jaxx becomes ever more impossible, Georgie has to rise to the challenge to discover the truth — before Jaxx suffers an accident from which there’s no coming back!
Too Good to be True (Book 6) – 2015
The Draper family is well-known in social circles in Boulder, Colorado. On the surface it looks like the perfect family: rich, well-connected and content. It isn’t long, though, before Georgie discovers that all is not as it seems. Twelve-year-old Charlotte Draper begs Georgie for help to clear her older brother, Ricky, of the crime of which he’s been accused so he can be welcomed back into the family. After enlisting Tammy’s help to infiltrate the Draper household, Georgie soon has a list of suspects. The question is, why would anyone want to frame Ricky, the eldest son and heir to the Draper fortune? What possible motive could they have? Georgie finds herself going around in circles trying to get at the truth. Is Ricky’s too-handsome-to-be-true brother Jonathan at the bottom of all this – or is it his self-serving cousins Tyler and Alexis? Or is it someone else targeting the Draper heir? It’s a challenge for Georgie and her Crystal Ball Investigation Team to find the answer, but they get there in the end with help from unexpected sources!
As Good As It Gets (Book 7) – 2015
Behind the cheerful music, the clever stunts and the flamboyant costumes at Callaway’s Circus, there lurks a traitor: a heartless saboteur who wants to put the family out of business – at any cost. Georgie is there to coach Ginger, a reluctant aerialist-turned-fortune-teller who needs to find a new job after a horrific accident that left her badly injured. However, it’s not long before Georgie realizes that what happened to Ginger may not have been an accident at all…and that there is a heck of a lot more going on behind the scenes than the Callaway family imagines. Weaving through enthusiastic crowds lining up at sideshows and watching performances in the Big Top, Georgie and her little band of amateur sleuths need to watch their backs while they walk a tightrope between feuding family members and employees. At the same time, they keep their eyes peeled for traps set by the saboteur: nobody wants to risk serious injury to the circus employees who perform heart-stopping feats way too high for any normal person. Nobody, that is, except one evil person hiding behind the mask of a friend…
Good Golly Miss Molly (Book 8) – 2015
Everybody loves Miss Molly: a lively 72-year-old who gets a huge kick out of the retro scene and everything associated with it — the clothes, the hairstyles, the dances and especially her newly-renovated vintage trailer! Tammy, Georgie and Layla are thrilled with her reaction to their carefully-planned surprise, but their joy turns to concern when Rosa — an unexpected guest at the vintage trailer rally — tells them bluntly that sweet Miss Molly is in big trouble. They quickly learn that Molly is facing the prospect of having to sell the home she has lived in for fifty years, after her finances have taken a disastrous turn. Molly keeps her woes to herself while she teaches the retro crowd how to jive and faces down the card sharks at gin rummy, but bit by bit Georgie, Rosa and the team put together the pieces and find out what went wrong. What they discover leaves them both astounded and angry. Someone close to Molly is to blame for this situation – but who? Is it one of the waifs and strays that she welcomes into her home, or is it someone professing to be a good friend? This is a case that is very close to the hearts of Georgie’s little band of amateur sleuths, because one of the ‘lost lambs’ that Molly once took under her wing is none other than Tammy Dyson, the retro set’s “Rockabilly Princess” and girlfriend of Jerry B. Goode, Georgie’s brother. There is no way that Tammy is going to let anyone get away with doing the wrong thing by Miss Molly!

Good Vibrations (Book 9) – 2015
Georgie is really looking forward to a week’s relaxation by the sea with no work and no worries — just sun, sea and sky at a 60s-style beach party with her friends. It sounds too good to be true! Unfortunately, it is. A desperate woman reads about her in the local media, and comes to find the gypsy fortune-teller who might be able to help her locate her partner’s missing child. Georgie can’t say ‘no’ to anyone who really needs help, and especially someone who has lost a child. She takes one look at the photo of six-year-old Marylou with her father in happier days and instantly agrees to help. What she doesn’t count on is that perennial pest, TV presenter Jaxx Saxby, turning up to jeopardize her whole investigation. Jaxx’s agenda is twofold: one, to win Georgie’s brother Jerry for herself (dismissing the fact that Tammy has prior claim) and two, to figure out what Georgie is up to so she can use it on her show. With romance in the air, a difficult case to solve and Jaxx Saxby to avoid, Georgie soon finds that she’s never been so busy — or, as it turns out, so wrong about everything. Will she be able to fix things in time?
A Rocking Good Christmas (Book 10) – 2015
“Number one rule, Georgina Bridget Goode, is NEVER STOP FOR HITCHHIKERS,” her father told her when she first got her driver’s license. Georgie could see the sense in that rule, and has made it her own rule, too…until the day she sees Santa Claus standing by the side of the road with his thumb out and his bright red sack resting beside him. Surely, she thinks, it couldn’t hurt to stop for Santa Claus? So she does…but it isn’t long before Georgie is wishing that she’d stuck to her rule. This Santa Claus is in big trouble, and whether she likes it or not, Georgie is drawn into it. So, too, is her partner Scott and other members of her family — Jerry, Tammy, and Rosa — who have to join forces to rescue their favorite gypsy fortune-teller. Hope begins to fade when, back at the RV park, they find a dark, empty trailer with no sign of either Georgie or her truck. Where is she? How much danger is she in? And how can they reach her in time? These are all questions that have her rescuers’ hearts in their mouths as they follow the trail, trying to find Georgie and her mystery Santa before it’s too late.
Good Intentions: A Georgie B. Goode Australian RV Mystery – 2016
An idyllic rainforest that holds dark secrets. A cold-hearted criminal and a woman on the run. A bushfire, racing across the Australian bush, eating up everything in its path. None of this is quite what Georgie B. Goode, 8th generation gypsy, expected in her first month in Australia! After telling Georgie that ‘one day’ he will take her to visit all the places he has told her about in Australia, Scott Mowbray has finally persuaded her not only to visit, but also to spend a year exploring the country with him. But…well, you know Georgie. She couldn’t leave her crystal ball behind, and just because she’s way ‘Down Under’ in the southern hemisphere, that doesn’t mean that she will stop attracting trouble! People who need Georgie and her special skills always seem to find her, wherever she is. Georgie is visiting Scott’s parents on the Gold Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia, in a little place called Canungra, near Tamborine Mountain. It’s an idyllic place, cool and green and beautiful. There, Scott’s parents, Louise and Tony Mowbray, have established a private campground for RVers on their family property. As an act of kindness, they let a lone traveller called Shirley stay on as their caretaker. But Shirley has a secret. She’s running from something in her past, and her past is about to catch up with her…just as everyone else is running from the bushfire that threatens to take away everything the Mowbrays have worked for.
The Busy Writer’s Tips on Writing Mystery and Crime (2013)
By popular demand, here it is at last: a newcomer to the Busy Writer series – Tips on Writing Mystery and Crime! Thanks to all those readers who have waited so patiently. I look forward to reading your finished mystery novels one day soon. A glance at any best-seller list will tell you how popular mystery, crime and thrillers are with readers. Most of you will find this perfectly understandable! There’s nothing like the thrill of the chase and the intellectual challenge of trying to guess ‘whodunit’ or ‘whydunit’ before the sleuth.

About eighteen months before Marg started writing about Georgie, two things happened that eventually came together and resulted in this book…and the rest of the Vintage Gypsy Caravan Cozy Mystery Series. The first thing: I was traveling with my husband in our own RV (which is actually a modern caravan, or trailer) and we stopped at an RV park in a small country town. It happened to be the day after a festival, and one of the first things we saw was a fantastic old gypsy caravan. I discovered later that it was called a Bowtop van, and it had been rescued from obscurity and pressed into service by a gypsy fortune-teller. She took it to various markets and towns, and set up a tent nearby to tell fortunes; she used the van for sleeping. I took photos, thought how great it was, and moved on to explore the rest of the country. Fast forward a year or so, and we were in an entirely different part of the country–and this time, we found ourselves in an RV park surrounded by gorgeous vintage vans. I was completely won over. I took photo after photo, and chatted to lively women dressed in retro fashions and cats-eye sunglasses, visited rockabilly events, and enjoyed afternoon tea eaten from delicate plates with floral retro patterns. I realized that this was a whole lifestyle for some people: vintage vans, vintage cars, and vintage clothes. A few months after that, I decided I’d write a mystery series–a cozy mystery series, that would actually be more cozy puzzles, because I didn’t really want to have a corpse in each story. Hmm, I thought, who could the sleuth be? Where could I have these stories take place? In a variety of locations, I thought. Someone could be traveling around, as I like to do, and find a mystery–or puzzle–in each place. That’s when everything suddenly came together. Travel, vintage and retro vans, and a gypsy fortune-teller who finds herself solving mysteries!

Nick Russell – Full-Time RVer and Prolific Writer of the Big Lake Mystery Series and More
Big Lake (Book 1) – 2014
When an armored car hijacking leaves two men dead, Arizona Sheriff Jim Weber takes the crime personally, because one of the dead men is his brother-in-law. His hunt for the killers leads him into a world of sordid sex, deceit, and violence, with a suspect list that includes jilted women, a family of anti-government survivalists, and the beautiful wife of the richest man in town.
Big Lake Lynching (Book 2) – 2014
When a young Apache man is found hanging from a tree on Cat Mountain, Sheriff Jim Weber and FBI agent Larry Parks go on the hunt for the killers and by the time their investigation is over, the idealistic cover is ripped from the little mountain town of Big Lake, revealing old prejudices, resentments, and hatred. In their search for justice, Sheriff Weber and Parks encounter Native American activists, a kinky couple whose passion burns as hot as their tempers, a teenager with excess baggage, and a father and son team of small town bullies, to name just a few.
Crazy Days in Big Lake (Book 3) – 2014
Everybody seems to have gone crazy in the little mountain community of Big Lake, Arizona. Neighbors are threatening violence, eco-protestors are on the march, flower children are camping in the nearby forest, two of Sheriff Jim Weber’s deputies have gotten into a fistfight in the ButterCup Café, the grocery store manager has locked himself in his office and won’t come out, bears are chasing dogs into houses, and somebody has stolen the town’s mascot. As if that isn’t enough to deal with, a mild mannered retired couple have shot an intruder during a home invasion. By the time this wild tale is finished, more blood will be shed and the good people of Big Lake will be left wondering just how well they really know their neighbors.
Big Lake Blizzard (Book 4) – 2014
It’s deer season and the mountains around Big Lake are filled with trophy hunters. But deer aren’t the only things being stalked. When Emma Moyer, Big Lake’s resident environmental activist, disrupts a guided hunt, it leads to a deadly confrontation. Now Sheriff Jim Weber has to find a killer from a list of suspects that include angry hunters, land developers, business owners, estranged family members, and others that Emma has crossed over the years. And all the while, a perilous winter storm is sweeping across the mountains, hampering his investigation and hiding secrets.
Big Lake Scandal (Book 5) – 2014
When the richest man in Big Lake is murdered on the night he announced his bid for State Senator the list of suspects stretches all the way from the small mountain town to the Governor’s office. Sheriff Jim Weber’s investigation reveals a web of secrets, illicit sex, and shattered lives that teaches him that nothing is what it appears to be and that sometimes the people we think we know are not at all what we believe them to be. Meanwhile, love has come to town and wedding bells must compete with the echo of gunshots.
Big Lake Burning – Jan 2015
When mysterious fires begin plaguing the little mountain town of Big Lake, Arizona, it doesn’t take Sheriff Jim Weber long to realize that a serial arsonist is on the loose and has to be stopped before somebody dies or the entire forest goes up in flames. With the help of C.C. Callahan, a beautiful Deputy Fire Marshal, the sheriff begins the hunt while dealing with an upstart newspaper publisher hell-bent on smearing his good name and ruining his reputation. As the fires continue, fingers of blame are pointed and everybody in Big Lake wonders whose home or business will be the next to burn.
Big Lake Honeymoon – May 2015
The busy summer season is drawing to a close in the little mountain town of Big Lake, Arizona and the locals are looking forward to a relaxing interlude before the first snowfall brings carloads of skiers to the high country. That all changes when a nearly nude woman rushes into a convenience store in the middle of the night begging for help. She tells Sheriff Jim Weber that her new husband has been murdered and she was taken captive by the mysterious killer, who seems to have disappeared into the thick forests of the White Mountains, touching off a manhunt for a phantom that cannot be found.
Big Lake Reckoning – Aug 2015
When a young woman is brutally assaulted at the Cat Mountain Ski Resort, two of the three suspects Sheriff Jim Weber arrests come from wealthy families whose roots go deep into Arizona’s history, and the third has a past shrouded in mystery. The sheriff soon finds himself involved in a sordid case that stretches from the White Mountains all the way to the governor’s office and beyond. Pressured by local and state officials as well as representatives of the FBI and U.S. Marshal’s Service, all with their own agenda, Weber must stand firm to see justice done and send a message that in Big Lake, nobody is above the law.
Big Lake Brewpub (Book 6) – Mar 2016
Tongues are wagging all over town about Big Lake’s newest business, the Black Stocking Brewpub, where the scantily clad waitresses are drawing crowds of men and the ire of local churchgoers. And that’s before the arrogant womanizer who owns the brewpub is found murdered! Sheriff Jim Weber and his deputies have plenty of suspects to choose from as they begin to navigate the treacherous currents left in the wake of the murder, because the dead man, a person who seemingly knew no limits, possessed no humanity, and cared for nothing apart from his own greed and twisted desires, has left behind no small number of his own brutalized victims.

Dog’s Run – Sept 2014
Life is good in Elmhurst, Ohio. The war is over, the economy is booming, and the future looks bright. But just across the deep ravine known as Dog’s Run is a different life, one where times are always hard and dreams seldom come true. When Wanda Jean Reider, a beautiful young woman from the wrong side of town, is found dead in Dog’s Run secrets begin to come out. Secrets that will expose hidden sins and a dark side of life carried on behind the manicured lawns and inside the back rooms of the stores along Main Street. Secrets that will erupt in violence and lead to a showdown that will change the lives of some of Elmhurst’s best known citizens forever.
Black Friday – Dec 2015
We all know a person like Raymond Winters. He is Everyman. You see him daily on your commute to work. He sits in the cubicle next to yours. He’s the guy plodding through life, just going through the motions. He’s not happy. His work is not fulfilling. But he never expected anything more. At 41, he’s stuck in a rut, without the energy to climb out. Sure, he dreams of a different life. He dreams about it a lot. But Raymond knows the difference between dreams and reality. Then Raymond’s life takes an unexpected sharp turn after a chance encounter with a strange woman. Overnight he finds himself alienated from his family, shunned by his neighbors, and questioning his own sanity. Raymond is in over his head, and if he survives, life will never be the same.

Highway History and Back Road Mystery – 2012
There Is Adventure Waiting Just Off The Highway! Speeding down an Interstate highway is no way to see America. For a real taste of our history, our culture, and adventure, you have to travel the back roads, far away from toll booths and rest area service plazas. That is where you will discover the interesting locations and fascinating stories no tourist bureau will ever tell you about. For years, Nick and Terry Russell have traveled America’s back roads in search of the little known historical sites, oddball museums, and unsolved mysteries that never make it to the evening news. Come along for the ride as they explore small towns and discover wonderful bits of trivia and the stories buried along the back roads. Stories like that of West Virginia’s Zona Hester Shue, the Greenbrier Ghost, who came back from the grave to see her killer brought to justice. Or the mystery of who is buried in Daniel Boone’s tomb. Two states, Missouri and Kentucky, both claim to be the final resting place of the pioneer explorer.
Highway History and Back Road Mystery II – 2012
Even More Mysteries And Little Known History From America’s Back Roads! Speeding down an Interstate highway is no way to see America. For a real taste of our history, our culture, and adventure, you have to travel the back roads, far away from tollbooths and rest area service plazas. That is where you will discover the interesting locations and fascinating stories no tourist bureau will ever tell you about. For years, Nick Russell has traveled America’s back roads in search of the little known historical sites, oddball museums, and unsolved mysteries that never make it to the evening news. Now he’s back with more wonderful bits of trivia and the stories buried along the two lane roads that crisscross our country. Stories like that of Kate Shelley, a young Iowa girl who crawled across a narrow railroad bridge at the height of a terrible night time storm to warn a trainload of passengers of danger ahead
Bad Nick – Jun 2013
For years Bad Nick has been delighting, infuriating, and entertaining readers with his popular blog. Now he has compiled over four years of his best posts into one book for readers who want more.
The Frugal RVer – Living Well For Less on the Road – Jan 2014
Fulltime RV author and publisher Nick Russell has presented his Frugal RVer seminars at RV shows and events across the country, teaching RVers how to enjoy traveling without spending a lot of money. Now you can learn these same money saving techniques to cut your travel expenses and get the most out of your RVing experiences for the least!
Meandering Down the Highway – A Year On The Road With Fulltime RVers – Jan 2014
Run Away To A New Lifestyle! Overworked and underappreciated? Is your nose sore from keeping it to the grindstone day in and day out? Have you ever been tempted to climb out of your rut and escape the rat race? Nick and Terry Russell did it, and you can too! Come along for the ride as a pair of overworked baby boomers decide that life is too short for their 75+ hour work weeks, sell off the “stuff” they accumulated over the years, and cram what is left into a motorhome and hit the road! Join them as they wander the highways and back roads of America in search of adventure. If you’ve ever wanted to climb out of the rut and run away from the rat race, this is the book that will tell you first-hand what it’s like to take the big step. Irreverent, funny, and serious, Meandering Down The Highway is a true look at the RV lifestyle, from the good to the bad. Learn why our pair of modern day gypsies chose the RV they did, and learned to regret it. Discover the delights awaiting you in small towns, historic sites, and campgrounds around the country, and about the one-million-plus community of fulltime and extended travel RVers and their life on the road.
Overlooked Arizona – Over 35 Great Arizona Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss – Jan 2014
From the towering saguaro cacti of her deserts to the pine covered mountains of the Mogollon Rim, Arizona is filled with wonderful attractions that most visitors never get to see. Frontier forts, ghost towns, Spanish missions, historical museums, canyons, and winding mountain roads are all waiting for you, with adventure along every mile of the way. Come explore with this handy guidebook!
Overlooked Florida – Over 30 Great Florida Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss – Jan 2014
From the Panhandle to the Key West, Florida is filled with wonderful attractions that most visitors never get to see. Frontier forts, wildlife refuges, historical museums, Cracker homesteads, and fishing towns are all waiting for you away from the glitter and glitz of Orlando and Disney World. Come explore with this handy guidebook!

Nick Russell is probably the most well-known fulltime RVer in North America because he publishes an RVers’ newsletter – The Gypsy Journal. But Nick is also famous for his success with the mystery series that he wrote and sells while fulltiming with his wife Terry.

Karen Musser Nortman writes the Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mystery Series
Bats and Bones (Book 1) – 2012
Frannie and Larry Shoemaker are retirees who enjoy weekend camping with their friends in state parks in this new cozy mystery series. They anticipate the usual hiking, campfires, good food, and interesting side trips among the bluffs of beautiful Bat Cave State Park for the long Fourth of July weekend—until a dead body turns up. Confined in the campground and surrounded by strangers, Frannie is drawn into the investigation. Frannie’s persistence and curiosity helps authorities sort through the possible suspects and motives, but almost ends her new sleuth career—and her life—for good. As a bonus, each chapter ends with a camping tip or recipe—some useful, some not so much.
The Blue Coyote (Book 2) – 2013
Frannie and Larry Shoemaker love taking their grandchildren, Sabet and Joe, camping with them. But at Bluffs State Park, Frannie finds herself worrying more than usual about their safety, and when another young girl disappears from the campground in broad daylight, her fears increase. The fun of a bike ride, a flea market, marshmallow guns, and a storyteller are quickly overshadowed. Accusations against Larry and her add to the cloud over their heads. Frannie begins to puzzle out the mystery: Are the itinerant road workers as much of a threat as Frannie thinks? What about the lone woman camper who also disappears? Or is the girl’s deadbeat dad behind it all?
Peete and Repeat (Book 3) – 2013
A biking and camping trip to southeastern Minnesota turns into double trouble for Frannie Shoemaker and her friends as she deals with a canoeing mishap and a couple of bodies. Strange happenings in the campground, the nearby nature learning center, and an old power plant complicate the suspect pool and Frannie tries to stay out of it–really–but what can she do? After all, she is only curious, but sometimes it isn’t just cats who have trouble with that!
The Lady of the Lake (Book 4) – 2014
A trip down memory lane is fine if you don’t stumble on a body. Frannie Shoemaker and her friends camp at Old Dam Trail State Park near one of Donna Nowak’s childhood homes. They take in the county fair, reminisce at a Fifties-Sixties dance, and check out old hangouts. But the present intrudes when a body surfaces. Donna becomes the focus of the investigation and Frannie wonders if the police shouldn’t be looking closer at the victim’s many enemies. A traveling goddess worshipper, a mystery writer and the Sisters on the Fly add color to the campground.
To Cache A Killer (Book 5) – 2015
Geocaching isn’t supposed to be about finding dead bodies. But when retiree, Frannie Shoemaker go camping, standard definitions don’t apply. A weekend in a beautiful state park in Iowa buzzes with fund-raising events, a search for Ninja turtles, a bevy of suspects, and lots of great food. But are the campers in the wrong place at the wrong time once too often?
A Campy Christmas (Book 6) – 2015 Novella
A Holiday novella. The Shoemakers and Ferraros plan to spend Christmas in Texas with Larry and Jane Ann’s brother and then take a camping trip through the Southwest. But those plans are stopped cold when they hit a rogue ice storm in Missouri and they end up snowbound in a campground. And that’s just the beginning. Includes recipes and winter camping tips.
The Long, Wrong Trailer – 2014 Novella
Punk and Patty Jo Norton retire and decide to take up camping. But the used trailer they purchase from a shady dealer and their first weekend of camping on Halloween bring them more adventure than they bargained for. A short, light mystery.
The Time Travel Trailer – 2014
A 1937 vintage camper trailer half hidden in weeds catches Lynne McBriar’s eye when she is visiting an elderly friend Ben. Ben eagerly sells it to her and she just as eagerly embarks on a restoration. But after each remodel, sleeping in the trailer lands Lynne and her daughter Dinah in a previous decade—exciting, yet frightening. Glimpses of their home town and ancestors fifty or sixty years earlier is exciting and also offers some clues to the mystery of Ben’s lost love. But when Dinah makes a trip on her own, separating herself from her mother by decades, Lynne has never known such fear. It is a trip that may upset the future if Lynne and her estranged husband can’t team up to bring their daughter back.
Happy Camper Tips and Recipes: from the Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries – 2015
A collection of recipes, camping hints, and campground descriptions from the award-winning Frannie Shoemaker cozy campground mysteries.

My husband Butch and I originally tent camped when our children were young and switched to a travel trailer a few years back when sleeping on the ground lost its romantic adventure. We take frequent weekend jaunts with friends to parks in Iowa and surrounding states, plus occasional longer trips.

Deb Sanders – Writer and Full-Time RVer
Dead Men Don’t Talk – A Daisy Red-Tail Novel – 2015
When Daisy O’Connor launches a search for her missing step-brother, she realizes the hunky Lakota cop dogging her every move is the least of her problems – there’s also the matter of a ghost who refuses to shut up until justice is served.

Deb considers herself a nomadic soul – more by destiny than design. Together with her husband, Golden Retriever and impudent tabby cat, they wander across the country in a travel trailer – sometimes fast, sometimes slow, always in awe of the natural beauty around us, and humbled by the wonderful folks they meet along the way.


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