Sign Petition to Fully Fund Fl State Parks

Hey, guys our Florida State Parks budget is coming up soon and the monies are not nearly enough to help bring back all the state parks affected by the hurricanes the past couple of years. We need to tell the governor and representatives that we want our Florida State Parks and public land areas repaired, upgraded and fully-funded! There is a posting on Twitter and Facebook with a link to the petition and once signed gives you the contact information and a sample email to send to the Florida representatives.

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We cannot tell you the enjoyment we have had over the last 6 years visiting, camping, and workamping in our Florida State Parks. It is a vital resource for our wildlife, environment and our families that we need to keep going as long as we can. The low admission prices for each of these fantastic places helps every single person out there to be able to participate and enjoy the great outdoors as well as learn something new each time they come. The park personnel are all dedicated to their jobs and most make it a life-time career. Not only do our young need these great resources but our older citizens do as well. They depend on places like our state parks for recreation, exercise and a place to volunteer their services and feel like a productive member of our society.

Keep moving and you will keep young as long as possible. That kind of mantra is really good for us who sit at a desk all day and long for the outdoors to breath fresh air, walk down well-maintained trails, catch a glimpse of a woodland creation (not snakes thought, I could do without any of those guys), have a picnic, camp for a couple of days and possible even go fishing along the banks of the river, lake or ocean. Our state and national parks, forests and water management districts are about the only places that we can do all of these things and it not cost an arm and a leg to do it.