Summer Camping Or Wait Till Fall

Are you going to camping in Florida this summer or wait until the weather cools off a bit in the Fall? Normally, most of the full-time RVers have already left Florida for cooler places in the mountains of the Smokies, the Rockies and the really lucky ones are headed to Alaska for the summer month there. We really don’t blame everyone from leaving the southern part of Florida and even here in the Northeast part for the really hot months that are already here. We should be starting with our every afternoon rain/thunderstorms real soon. Which will be a little relief during the days and help the nights to be a little cooler. But, of course, then we will get a platoon of mosquitoes out of the bargain. And, of course, there is the whole, Oh, No! a hurricane is coming where should we go?

Despite all of that it is still fun to go camping in Florida, especially if you have a self-contained RV with a working AC. A lot of us will be heading to the various parks with springs to swim in, the ocean to frolic in or a nice big lake to splash around in. The parks with no swimming will not get as much attendance during the coming months as the others. That is just a fact of life here folks. It’s really too bad that these Florida State Parks can’t get a grant to create a splash pad in the center of the picnic and camping areas. I mean all you need is a cement pad with water pipes built in with holes every foot or so to spit out water. Yes, you will need to paint the cement pad with cool paint to keep it from getting too hot for little feet in the places where the water doesn’t hit. Then you will need good drainage in the center to suck up the water, send it to a recycling water area and send the water back cleaned up. I wonder how that really costs. I know I would dance around with the kids to help keep us all cool while we are visiting.