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Volunteering in State Parks

It has been a couple of months since I have taken the time to write up posts for all of my websites. With one thing and another, I just haven’t had the time or I should say that I am not organized enough to get everything done. This weekend I wanted to encourage more people who are living full time in their RVs to consider volunteer workamping in our Florida State Parks this summer. Quite a few of my fellow RVers are being displaced in their current stopping areas and are scrambling to find a place to land for a little while. Well, I say check with your local state parks about becoming a workamper. Yes, all the state parks around the country are being closed due to this social-distancing thing but the parks still have a long list of projects that need to be done and the park rangers just can’t get to all of them. So, volunteer to help them out in exchange for a campsite!
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First Two Weeks at Stephen Foster

Sunny Day on the Suwannee River
Sunny Day on the Suwannee River
Our first two weeks at Stephen Foster Cultural Center State Park in White Springs, Florida has been eventful, wet and a little tiring. We haven’t seen the sun very much since we got here and at least one morning we had icicles dripping from the RV (condensation from the fridge). Since there are no sewers on site here, even for the campground hosts, we have had to crank up the old RV and drive over to the dump station every three or four days. Our co-campground host couple have a “blue boy” and he drives it down to the dump station a couple of times in one day just to empty out his gray water tanks. We have decided on a schedule among ourselves by working three days one week and four days the next. We are taking the end of the weekdays and they the beginning this month with Sunday being the alternating fourth day. That way all of us gets three days off in a row. Of course, if campers come by your RV to ask questions and we are home we will still answer them the best we can.
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