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Planning Our Adventure – Part 2

Next on our list is sifting through all of our stuff and deciding what we’re going to keep, what we’re going to sell and what we’re going to throw away. Whether or not you’re going to keep your current residence you should do some or all of this because you want to get rid of stuff you no longer need, you have to decide what you can and cannot take with you (depending on the amount of time you’re going to be away) and it is always nice to make a little money on the things you can no longer use or want. And you want to have your most precious things in a safe and secure storage place. Yes, outside storage is another expense but for some people it is a necessary one. I would suggest that you give a spare key and authorization to someone you trust to your storage in case you need to send some things home, there is a problem with the facility or (God Forbid) something happens to you on your journey. Just a little side note: Most of the storage companies offers deals if you pay for your rentals in advance. Continue reading “Planning Our Adventure – Part 2”