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Cleaning Out and Moving On

Christmas is behind us and the New Year’s is looming. We are in the process of making our New Year’s Resolutions and one of those, for me, is the clean out my room and decide what I want to keep, what I want to sell, what I need to throw away and what I need to bring with me. Of course, I will have to bring my laptop, some clothes (Good thing I am not a clothes horse), my printer, load up my KINDLE with reading material, and of course, our craft supplies. I am a pack-rat by nature and have a tendency of keeping everything. I have all kinds of stuff crammed into boxes and on bookcases that I will have to go through. Most of it will need to be tossed. I just hope I don’t throw away something important. Most of our pictures are scanned into my computer and I have them backed up on an external hard drive as well as burned onto a disk. I cannot stress how important that is. I cringe every time I think about the 2 times my computers crashed and I hadn’t backed-up my files. I lost a few photos that will never be replaced. Continue reading “Cleaning Out and Moving On”