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RVing Authors

GoodIntentionsRVing Authors is the second part of our blog series this week. We will be giving you a listing of all the writers we have found that are either part-time or full-time RVing and writing and publishing their stories for us to enjoy. Again, we hope you will support these writers by buying their books, sharing them with your friends, family and other travelers. We have them all listed in our OGA Store page under RVing Fiction so if you would go to that page and purchase your items we would greatly appreciate it.
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RVing Mysteries

TheEndOfTheRoadRVing mysteries seem to be on the rise. More and more young people are hitting the road in recreational vehicles but they still have to earn a living along the way. We decided to write a two-part blog post listing most of the stories we have found that were either writing about characters camping, traveling and/or living in RVs. The other article will be a listing of those writers we have found who actually travel in their RVs while writing and publishing their stores. We hope you enjoy this listing and will support these authors by buying and reading their stories and sharing them with your friends, family and fellow travelers.

We have a selection picked out that you can get by clicking on our Amazon Affiliate advertisement below or you can visit our AStore page and see all of them in one place. We really appreciate it if you decide to purchase any of these that you will use our links below or our Astore page as we get a couple of pennies on each purchase to help us keep our website going.
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Reading While Traveling

TroubleInOrangeBeachReading while traveling in your recreational vehicle and camping in some great campground is probably one of the top 5 past times when RVing. We just like to relax while we are camping and reading does that for us. We have found that most of our RVing pals do as well. So, for this blog post we decided to download some eBooks to our Kindle and see what is available that uses camping, RVing, and/or campgrounds as part of their story. To get started I read through some of the Full-Time RVing Facebook group pages to see if anyone has made any suggestions lately. From there I was able to go on Amazon and check out the titles recommended. A nice feature that Amazon has is that they give you recommendations based on your current searches as well as what others have bought when they purchased the books that you are looking at. My mom and I like murder mysteries. So most of our selections and recommendations will be in that area. We went ahead and added a new section to our Amazon Affiliate Page labeled RVing/Camping Fiction to get you started. We all have our favorite authors that we read but we thought it would be fun to gather a listing of those stories that we could relate to as RVers.
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