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Volunteer On An Island For The Summer

bah-bahia_honda_-_rainbow_bridgeVolunteer On An Island For The Summer. What could be more fun than spending a little time on one of our various Islands around Florida? True, most that do have live on-site volunteer facilities run towards a tent or boat camping. But, why not give it a try? We contacted a few of the state parks that are only accessible via boat or ferry and found that a few of them would like to have volunteers this summer. Some of us oldsters may find that being in a tent for two or three months is a little bit too much but for those hardy and rugged souls out there we hope you will give it a try. If you have a boat with sleeping quarters and galley some of these parks has a spot for you too.

All of our Florida State Parks could use more volunteers this summer and every summer!
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Spend the Summer at Savannas Preserve State Park





Savannas preserve is a 7,000 acre preserve with fire dependent habitat in the heart of Port St. Lucie; we manage several day use areas and an amazing education center which houses over 195 different programs a year to all age brackets. We have a lot going on all the time, the need for volunteers is huge, and as you mentioned summer time is hard. We DO have 4 volunteer spots for 2-4 month stays and are working on the potential of a couple more short term spots.
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Paynes Creek in Bowling Green Florida

PaynesCreekHistoricStateParkPaynes Creek Historic State Park is located outside the small town of Bowling Green, Florida. It borders on one side by the Peace River and the Paynes Creek runs through the middle. You can hike, fish, bike, picnic and visit the visitors center during the day time. At night small groups can primitive camp within the park while the Residential Hosts Volunteers will get the run of the park after everyone leaves. They are in need of summer time volunteers as are most of our Florida State Parks. We chose them to do an article because the volunteer coordinator is good about getting back to us and it sounds like a great place for us to volunteer in the future. If you are a history teacher with no plans for the summer and have a travel trailer or RV we hope you will fill out an application and get in touch with the volunteer coordinator at this park.

Hello Jolene,

Yes Ma’am, Paynes Creek Historic State Park does indeed have volunteer camp sites.
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Troy Springs State Park Branford Florida

TroySpringSignTroy Springs State Park in Branford, Florida is a small little park with a lovely spring right next to the Suwannee River. You can picnic, swim (when the water in the Suwannee River is down), scuba dive in the spring and canoe and kayak up and down the river as well as get in a spot of fishing. The park has no camping amenities not even primitive. But they do have RV Sites set up for volunteers in exchange for working with the park ranger and manager in the park. We visited this park last year and were going to volunteer there but we couldn’t get our timing worked out. It seems we may be going there next year though and we look forward to it. However, they still need help this summer. If you, a family member or a friend would like to stay in a lovely, shady state park in exchange for a little cleaning, lawn care and maintenance work we hope you will fill out the application and get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator. Her information is listed at the bottom of this article. Below are her answers to some of the questions we would ask of any of the state parks we were considering volunteering for:
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