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Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park

PonceDeLeonSpringsSPPonce DeLeon Springs State Park is located in the Northwest Region of Florida and is administered with Falling Waters State Park. It does not have a camping area but does have Park or Residential Hosts volunteers. They are needed year round as with most all of our state parks and does have problems getting volunteers during the late spring and summer months. It is a small state park but has swimming in the springs, snorkeling, fishing in areas not designated for swimming as well as picnic area and trails. From the main website we learned that the springs is a brisk 68 degrees all year round!

Physical address to the park:
Ponce Deleon Springs State Park
2860 Ponce de Leon Springs Road
Ponce de Leon, Florida 32455
(850) 836-4281

Below are the answers to our usual questions of the Volunteer Coordinators to the State Parks:
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St Sebastian River Preserve State Park Needs Volunteers

STSebastianRiverPreserveSignSt Sebastian River Preserve State Park Needs Volunteers this summer and into the early fall of this year and next. We accepted the assignment for August, September and October of 2015 but the other dates listed in the email are probably still available. We haven’t been able to travel much in the Southeast Florida Region and are looking forward to this assignment. Who knows we might even get a couple of more around this area to finish out the year and into the next one! As with any campground host or residential host positions you accept we hope to ask lots of questions, read through the material on their website and look at some of the reviews from others about the park.
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Help Needed at OLeno State Park and River Rise Preserve State Park

OlenoStatePark (150)We have camped at OLeno State Parks twice in the last two years. However, timing and circumstances prevented us from visiting the River Rise Preserve State Park. We did ride by it and it looked like an interesting place to check out and we may still get a chance over the next couple of months. OLeno has two camping areas as well as a huge picnic area with primitive cabins for groups like the boy scouts to spend some time in right along the river. They, like most of the state parks in Northeast Florida have been troubled by river flooding. The park has the Sante Fe River running through it and that gets water from the Suwannee River. But the waters are receding everywhere for now and there will be a lot of clean-up needed. You can read our park review of OLeno State Park and look at the official web page for more information on both of these parks by clicking on the links below: Continue reading “Help Needed at OLeno State Park and River Rise Preserve State Park”

DeLeon Springs State Park In the Summer Time

Deleon SpringsDeleon Springs State Park in the summer time may be hot and muggy but, hey, you got a nice cool spring you can jump into after working every single day. Now, Deleon Springs should not be confused with Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park. Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park is located in the Northwest Region of Florida and their volunteers are coordinated with the Falling Waters State Park Volunteers which we will address in another article later this month. Deleon Springs is a 600 acre State Park with a spring located in the Central Region of Florida closed to Deland in the town of DeLeon, Florida. They have canoeing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, picnic area with pavilions, Visitors Center, Concessions with a full service restaurant, hiking, a boat ramp, boating, and even a boat tours. Some of you students and professors at Stetson University might want to consider volunteering for the Summer!
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