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Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park

MarjorieKRawlinsPark (2)Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park is a fun place to visit and it will be a great place to volunteer for a few months. It has two parts, one is the historic homestead of the famous Florida writer and the other is the picnic area with boat launch. We visited this park while we were camping at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park and enjoyed walking the land and seeing all the artifacts from another era. They still have chickens in the yard, a garden, fruit trees and much more. The park rangers and volunteers give talks about the park, the history and stories about Ms. Rawlings. We took lots of pictures while we were there and will post them below. We hope you will consider volunteering for this lovely out-of-the-way historic park.

For those who don’t know she wrote the great classic “The Yearling”.
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Falling Waters State Park Volunteers Needed

FallingWatersSP10042012 (98)Falling Waters State Park Volunteers Needed this summer as well. Falling Waters is a unique state park as it is considered the highest point in the entire state of Florida. And as our old RV can attest it really didn’t like it that much but we enjoyed our visit there. Since we have already posted an article for Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park and Falling Waters helps staff that park some of this information is going to be a repeat. But Falling Waters has a fairly large campground and the information below will be geared towards that information. This park also boasts a waterfall. Granted, when we visited it wasn’t flowing very fast but the boardwalk and trails leading in and around the area makes for a very nice walk. They do have a pond or lake for fishing and swimming too.

Here is the email response from the Volunteer Coordinator:

As per your request,
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Big Shoals State Park Needs Volunteers Too

Rapids at Big Shoals State Park.Big Shoals State Park Needs Volunteers Too this summer and next. It is a day-use only park with canoeing and kayaking as well as hiking trails. We haven’t had a chance to visit this one yet but we did drive through the Little Shoals area a few years ago. I guess, “Shooting the Rapids” is the main actively for a lot of visitors to this park. But there are picnic areas, you can fish and ride your horses there as well. This park is a couple miles away from the Stephen Foster Memorial State Park in White Springs, Florida. We accepted an assignment here for the end of the year. We received two emails with information about being a Park or Residential Host here and decided to just copy and paste the information directly into our article below.

1st Email:
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