Taking Vacation From Workamping

We are taking a little vacation from workamping again this week. We have cleaned all we can here at the park and have to wait until the flood waters have receded enough to do some more and the many miles of trails to dry up some more before the maintenance crew can get out there and chop up all the downed trees. Since the park is still officially closed we haven’t had to open the gate, clean the bathrooms or pick up trash for about 2 weeks now. We have, of course, ridden around picking any trash that we could find, hosed off all the playground equipment and the bathrooms in anticipation of opening. The front of the park is ready but the main areas that most of our visitors like the most (the walking trails and boat ramp) are still in need of work. With the water so close we have had a few close encounters with the local reptiles and watched to turkeys trout and the deer prance around. It’s almost like being back at Adams Tract River Camp (which we heard is also still quite damp).

For now, we are taking it easy, updating websites, creating new crafts, reading more books and enjoying this quiet time while we have it. The park personnel doesn’t seem to mind but we do feel a little guilty that we don’t have anything to do right now. I’m sure that will change once we get back to normal again. Our fellow Columbia County Park and Recs Park Hosts should be back from up north this week and set up at the other park. We hope to catch up with them sometime in the next week or so to see how their rambling and family visiting went this summer.

We hope all of our fellow Florida workampers are doing well and not working too hard to get their respective parks up and running once again. Take your time and drink plenty of liquids Y’all! We may be in the Fall season but we are still pretty warm all over the state. We salute and want to thank all the other out-of-state park rangers, wildlife officers and others who have come down to help get us back our feet.

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