Talbot Islands State Parks A Different Volunteer Experience

Big Talbot Island State Park
Big Talbot Island State Park
Talbot Islands State Parks A Different Volunteer Experience for you this summer. Not only because there are 7 different state parks being managed on the north side of Jacksonville, Florida but that they have volunteers who live in a volunteer apartment as well as the normal campground host and park hosts living in their RV/Travel Trailers. We know that there is a size little on Little Talbot Island so you have to be aware of that but read the email from Brian Stinson below to get more information:

Hi Jolene,

Just looked thru your blog… love it, wish that more people could do things like that.

Here at Talbot we manage 7 state parks, Amelia Island, George Crady State Fishing Pier, Big Talbot, Little Talbot, Ft. George Island Cultural State Park, Yellow Bluff Fort, and Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve. We have quite a few resident spots.

On Little Talbot we have 2 camp host sites located in the campground, these sites can accommodate up to a 30’ camper and only offer electric and water hookups. Also on Little Talbot we have just recently completed a volunteer village type of area at our shop, this consists of 3 sites that can accommodate up to a 40’ camper and are full hook up sites. The campground host sites are obviously for hosts, the volunteer village sites are available for use to volunteers with a variety of talents to offer, from maintenance to interpretation and everything in between, though maintenance is always a prized talent around here.

On Ft. George Island we have 1 camper site that can accommodate up to a 35’ camper, it is also full hookup and is available to volunteers much in the same manner as the village sites. Also on Ft. George we offer rooms at the Historic Ribault Club for volunteers. This consists of a shared living and kitchen area, with 3 bedrooms comprised of 1 Queen bed room, a room with 2 twin beds, and a room with 1 twin bed, all rooms have their own bathrooms. Volunteers who stay in these rooms will typically do work in or around the Ribault Club as greeters or maintenance volunteers.

Thanks for doing the work that you do and you’re interest in our parks.

If you have any other questions, or I missed something, please feel free to email me or call anytime.

Thanks again,

Brian C. Stinson
Park Ranger / Volunteer Coordinator
Talbot Islands State Parks
12157 Heckscher Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32226

Is that cool or what? Now to learn more about each of the parks please visit their websites below. And if you have any more questions about the parks or being a volunteer please contact the park directly.

Amelia Island State Park
George Crady State Fishing Pier
Big Talbot Island State Park
Little Talbot Island State Park
Ft. George Island Cultural State Park
Yellow Bluff Fort Historical State Park
Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park