We May Be Stationary but Working On Moving

Right now we may be stationary but I am working as fast and hard as I can to get this current book I am writing finished and, hopefully, selling lots of copies or perhaps get a couple of corporate sponsors to help in publication and marketing. Once, it is finally completed we will be moving our dead RV to my brother’s house for renovations. We will be looking for another RV of some type to continue our travels. My mom still wants to go and I really want to finish visiting ALL of the state parks before we venture out to other states. To that end we hope you will support us by buying our handcrafted items from our various online stores, visiting our websites, clicking on the advertisements (hey, every penny counts), share and love our posts on social media or even join our membership site.

Black and Clear Glass Beaded Eyeglass Lanyard 26 Inch

We will be working on making some short videos about our workamping experiences these past couple of years and posting them on our new channel. This is a work in progress and may take some time to get up and running so please be patient. In the meantime we have created a couple of playlists of subjects that you might find helpful if you are wanting to start your own full-time RVing experience. We initially created some videos from camping experiences however we uploading them to our personal account instead of creating this new channel. The playlist is named “Our Fla Park Review Videos”. We created them between 2012 and 2014 and not as creative as I would like as they are slideshows to music. In order words there is not a love of actual moving in the movies. We are learning new techniques but still may not be doing any live talking on these things.


Sorry it has been a couple of months since we last posted an article and we are not going to have time to post prior months news. We can only keep going and post as often as we can over the next several months until more of our projects are completed.

Till next time.