Weird Weather We Are Having

Florida like the rest of the U.S. is really having a weird batch of weather the last couple of months. Generally, by now we should be in the groove of bright, warm days, medium cool nights and occasional showers. But mother nature seems to have a touch of Alzheimer’s or something. One day bright and sunny and the next no sun and cooling temperatures like it’s trying to be winter again. I can’t imagine what we are going to have this summer. We have even already had severe thunderstorms this past week. The only good thing about that is that the attendance in the park slacks off a little during the rain storms. Yes, there are those who refuse to leave and just hang out for a while to see if it really means to stay.

We survived the last holiday even though we were pretty full that weekend. And we survived the previous weekend when the Four Rivers Audubon society had their annual Spring Festival. There were lots of people in and out and not a lot of vendors. I hope they do better next year but they really need to start doing more social media posting a couple months prior to the next event and encourage more people to be vendors. The final tally was about 1200 people in the park that day so they probably can’t get more people in but with a little bit more advertising, picture posting, and a wider variety of vendors they will have a better turnout. And they will need to get more organized with the parking too. It might be a good idea to have someone posted at the front gate, another at the Canal trail to keep up with those parking in the overflow area and someone in the middle to direct the people to the overflow area as well as count. They could talk to each other with walkie-talkies.

It was nice being able to attend events where we are workamping even though we were working too. We have been to a few events in the state parks we have been volunteering at and had a great time. Otherwise, we might not have gotten to go. Just another perk of volunteer workamping ya’ll! If you stick around during the summer months there are a lot more events coming up that you can participate in and enjoy.

We have sent out quite a few emails to update our workamping in Florida book over the last 2 months and sent out more today. We are slowly getting responses to add to the new database. And I will have to send quite a few more. I am still hoping to have it completed by the end of summer and just in time for the fall season rush.