Well We Are Not Going to Adams Tract

AdamsTract04282013 (43)Well, we are not going to Adams Tract River Camp. Apparently, the volunteer who was coming into Woods Ferry has gotten another assignment elsewhere. If you want to try out being a campground host then starting out at Adams Tract River Camp for the next two months or so will be a great way to start. They need someone immediately so please contact them directly. We have already posted a notice on a couple of Facebook pages and tweeted. Here is the information we posted:

“Adams Tract River Camp part of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail and Florida State Parks and it needs and immediate Campground Host. Please contact Adriane McCorquodale at Suwannee River Wilderness Trail Office at 800-868-9914 or email her at ariane.mccorquodale@dep.state.fl.us
They offer campsite with water, electric, sewer as well as a washer/dryer, extra storage in a garage and extra refrigerator. Excellent place to hang out for the summer. You can read our review of Adams Tract on our website: http://southernladiesadventures.com/2013/06/adams-tract-wrapup/ and read more about them at their website: http://www.floridastateparks.org/wilderness/

We are okay with the change because we like both river camps. And our next assignment is only about 15 miles down the road from where we are now. With the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail office being moved from White Springs, Florida and outside the entrance of Stephen Foster Memorial State Park to Lafayette Blue Springs State Park in Mayo, Florida it is easier for the park rangers to take care of Adams Tract until they can get a volunteer to help them out. They have even cleaned all the bathrooms, checked the water system and mowed the five acres of grass already. So we hope someone will contact them soon about volunteering as a campground host. It is a great place to enjoy the peace of nature, getting occasional visitors and working about 80 hours a month. The rest of the time is your own.