We’re Featured On Another Website

We are sitting around relaxing after working at the River Camp
We are sitting around relaxing after working at the River Camp
If you haven’t seen one of our postings on our Facebook Page or seen the Tweet yet we were featured on a Women RVers Blog on the RV Wheel Life website. It was very nice of Julianna Crane to ask us and she delivered a very nice article. If you get a chance we hope you will read the article and check out her entire website as well. The website is filled with information about Recreational Vehicles, RV Clubs Information, Camping Destinations, stories of other RVers and much more. It is a joy to read and of course, we have bookmarked it.

You know you write articles about your adventures hoping that people are reading them. But mostly, we hope that we are giving good service and information to our readers. We want to encourage women to do more adventures outdoors and we want to encourage everyone to visit more of the Florida State Parks as well. Yes, this may seem like just another promotional thing for our own website but the article was nicely written and and Ms. Crane’s website is truly a professional resource for all those who wish to head out on their own RV Adventure.

We would also like to encourage you to share your adventures in Florida with us. If you are a couple, family or even a single person(s) traveling around the State of Florida in your own recreational vehicle we would like to hear from you! Just go to our CONTACT US page and we will post an article about your website, blog or even your PUBLIC Facebook page if that is all you are using to record your adventure. We want to get more women out and enjoying the great outdoors. It is so great to share stories about our adventures and those stories may help another person to get out and do it too. This will eventually filter down to all of our State Parks with new source of volunteers, more campground hosts, more residential hosts and just more campers!

Till next time